Wear OS 5 developer preview is now out with better battery life

Vlad, 16 May 2024

Some Wear OS devices are still launching on version 3.5 of the OS, but Google is now announcing Wear OS 5, coming later this year. It's based on Android 14, and the first Wear OS 5 developer preview is now out. As always with developer previews, note that this is not intended for use by consumers, but developers, as the name clearly states. It's unclear if a public beta will arrive or not before the full release.

With Wear OS 5, Google is focusing on continuing to improve battery life, the main pain point for any smartwatch running its platform. Wear OS 5 also brings performance improvements compared to version 4, with workout tracking being more efficient - the company notes that tracking a marathon will consume 20% less power than on Wear OS 4.

Wear OS 5 developer preview is now out

The Watch Face Format introduced in Wear OS 4 gets a new iteration, which should make it even easier for developers to create watch faces for the platform.

Wear OS 5 developer preview is now out

The watch faces created with the Watch Face Format are more power efficient than others, and this now supports goal progress and weighted elements complication types. Developers are also now able to have weather data as a source in Watch Face Format.

Wear OS 5 developer preview is now out

Starting in early 2025, all new watch faces published on Google Play must use the Watch Face Format, while existing faces that use other libraries will be able to receive updates without transitioning to the new format.

With Wear OS 5, Google is releasing new guidelines on how to build responsive UIs for different watch display sizes, and it's also introducing adaptive layouts and components.

Wear OS 5 developer preview is now out

It doesn't look like there are any new features in Wear OS 5, at least not yet, but Google's focus on improving battery life is definitely commendable.

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Reader comments

  • Nichith
  • 18 May 2024
  • 7k3

Only 6 months on a traditional watch 🤔😂 gotta be using some ripoff

While I enjoy 6 months+ battery life with my traditional watch, lmao.

I wonder if this will arrive on Galaxy Watch 4... Probably not.

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