iPhone 17 Slim to be more expensive than the iPhone 17 Pro Max

17 May 2024
A new report brings some intriguing details.

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  • mE0
  • 21 May 2024

Let see how heat management will materialise after initial ip15 horror

    Don't worry about Android phones copying this dumb trend. When iPhones have terrible battery life again and start permanently folding in half withing the 1st week, no-one will want to build a thin phone. Motorola at least had the right idea with the Z2 which is extremely thin but also durable (JerryRigEverything would even struggle to destroy one). It also cost about $300 instead of over $1500.

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      • 0H@
      • 19 May 2024

      IpsDisplay, 19 May 2024I'm worried for android now What if this slim thin... moreSolid state lithium technology is already there, and would drastically change battery life and how fast it charges. They just need to adapt it on a mobile scale, is all.

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        • CI9
        • 19 May 2024

        Nobody wants a slim phone.actually it will be awkard to hold and use. People wants more screen, a foldable, and a phone with keyboard.

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          • 19 May 2024

          Digdigfig, 19 May 2024Is there a new breakthrough in battery tech that I'm u... moreYes. There is nanotubes made of graphite in research. There is a promise that although it wouldn’t increase battery charge density, it would allow for faster recharging times. It is all quite theoretical by now, but we don’t know for sure… it may be that Apple has been researching into it, although quite unlikely.

            How can the slim be priced more then the pro max, I mean I feel like it is going to skimp on battery, skimp on internals, possibly skimp on cameras unless they have a huge stick out camera island.

            The problem with the existing non iPhone pro models are they skimp out so much and charge a fortune, and apple deliberately price them that way so users 'only pay just a bit more' to get the more premium ones or simply buy lat years models at a discount, they either need to reduce the cost of the non pro phones or they need to give them better specs to justify the very high prices which would likely then eat into the sales.
            A lot of their product lines are getting watered down and often the products make little sense along with the price, heck take the new ipad pros, thinner then the ipad airs which are supposed to be the thinnest products on the market, it makes no sense.

              I'm worried for android now

              What if this slim thing becomes trendy/influential

              And then kills the pattern of increasing battery sizes

              Maybe it will only impact flagships battery sizes but then again battery density is getting better

                ...this probably won't go very well if this is going to have the same internals as the vanilla 17 instead of the 17 Pros.

                  Anonymous, 18 May 2024Higher density battery has more capicity with same physical... moreIs there a new breakthrough in battery tech that I'm unaware of? Besides having dual cells and faster charging, batteries have barely changed over the years, the increases in battery capacity being solely from having physically bigger batteries

                    I call cap. They must be stupid as hell if they think that releasing a thin phone justifies a bigger price than their flagship

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                      • f4v
                      • 19 May 2024

                      It's quite obvious what apple is doing. They want you to buy the pro models and they use the base models as stepping stones. The base models don't have 120hz and 3 cameras. The 17 base models are most likely going to be 120hz so apple is increasing the price making is difficult.

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                        • 19 May 2024

                        Why more expensive ? Pay more feel more...premium more more stupid ? Maybe with removable battery, jack 3,5mm and SD slot card ?

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                          • 18 May 2024

                          Poster, 18 May 2024Tell us about iP20 please.. no black borders whatsoever zer... morehttps://www.instagram.com/reel/C46EbfJI8MD/?igsh=eTJ5ZDRnMThxa2Q4

                            Tell us about iP20 please.. no black borders whatsoever zero and zero front nonsense in the display please i don't need front camera or they might make motor camera will pop out from top

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                              • 18 May 2024

                              The level of sheepness of IPhone users is off the charts.

                                So, I guess Apple is back in their slim phase again...

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                                  • 3xs
                                  • 18 May 2024

                                  Will it bend like slim ipad pro and thin iphone 6?

                                    Just wait for Jerry to make iPhone 17 Slim bendgate'd as iFlip Pro Max

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                                      • CbF
                                      • 18 May 2024

                                      Hardware seems unlikely to be improvement from Pro Max so extra cost for thinness only??
                                      Maybe timmy got the idea that people are willing to pay premium for extra thin products just like C0nd0ms😁

                                        "The design hasn't been finalised yet..."

                                        We already know what it looks like as Apple always introduces such radical new designs every year.