iPhone 17 Slim to be more expensive than the iPhone 17 Pro Max

17 May 2024
A new report brings some intriguing details.

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  • 18 May 2024

Just today I thought about these previous iPhone 17 Slim rumors, and thought it could make sense if after the release of a 6.1 inch iPhone 17 and 6.55 inch iPhone 17 Slim, they could make the iPhone 18 Slim as the only cheaper model that is especially light, and then have the 18 Pro that is smaller and 18 Pro Max that is larger. Like when they had the iPhone XR/XS/XS Max and 11/Pro/Max, where the basic model was in the middle in size between the Pros. Just that now it would also be lighter. But the Slim as the most expensive, that makes it harder to make sense of it. Maybe that it also has Tandem OLED and some new advanced battery technology, but I‘m not entirely sure.

    Apple is wild if they named their phone slim lol

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      • xjH
      • 17 May 2024

      Maybe the slim will be made entirely of gold, justifying the price.

        if the thinness does not come at the expense of either battery or sustained performance/thermals, I'd say it'd be interesting to see what they come up with. It is indeed true that phones have been getting a tad bit thick lately, especially for the general crowd.

        I personally prefer larger phones with large batteries and sufficient cooling and am happy to trade thinness for that. Though I'd say more than thickness, the width of a phone is the real problem.

        Take a Oneplus 8 or a phone with a 20:9 aspect ratio and then hold an S22/S23/S24 Ultra or an iPhone Pro Max, it just does not sit well in the hand, especially the iPhones and the horrendous S24 Ultra. Not curve-ey enough to be comfortable, not tall enough to be usable at least somewhat easily with one hand. I use an S22 Ultra and have tried a Oneplus 8 and iPhone 12 PM and a 14 PM, nothing comes close to the Oneplus in terms of size and usability. The S21 Ultra was peak in terms of big phone designs, perfectly curved everywhere for comfort and usability. Manufacturers should try to adopt 19.5:9 and taller aspect ratios nowadays, iPhone has stagnated and stuck with the same thing since the first Pro Max basically and their reluctance to change is fine but android shouldn't stagnate as well. Google, Apple and Samsung, the big 3 culprits just don't understand hand ergonomics. The Chinese manufacturers do and they're doing great in terms of design. The others just want to make something for the sake of getting the most profit with the least value in their phones. The Chinese companies feel like they're trying to cram the most value at their respective price points.

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          • ptU
          • 17 May 2024

          First the not-so-airy Air, now an ultra-maxi Slim... It it just me, or does Apple's branding go haywire lately?

            Makes sense, ultra thin iPhone would become fashion statement, especially for females, and it would be ultra breakable as well. Good business.

              NeonHD, 17 May 2024I am most definitely in the minority here, but this is some... moreIt would be atrocious for Apple to release model that cost $500+ in 2026. that still run @60Hz.

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                • Tqc
                • 17 May 2024

                Oh great, is this the trendsetter for $2k flagships? 😒 As if the Pro Max wasn't already expensive enough...

                  Anonymous, 17 May 2024Why will this phone use aluminium instead of titanium? It&#... morelower cost means more profit for them, also, don't ask questions just buy the product...

                    Well looking their tablets that were recently released that have price that reaches to 3000 euro then it's not a surprise when their phones prices go up that high.

                      Honestly, if this rumour proves to be true (and I am 99.999999% that it won't), then this is absolutely idiotic.

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                        • 17 May 2024

                        Why will this phone use aluminium instead of titanium? It's the most expensive model!

                        I think this should be the 'Ultra' model.

                          I am most definitely in the minority here, but this is something that I want!

                          I miss the days when Apple focused on slimness, like with the iPhone 6. I've always had a thing for slim phones, even if it meant sacrificing battery capacity. And since it's the most expensive, it must have a 120hz display and likely the same camera array as the P.M. Honestly excited for this one.

                          Also yes, maybe #bendgate will see a revival.

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                            • 17 May 2024

                            Huawei should provide us with a third option a Harmony OS phone at a nice price and decent spec something above the nova series but below the flagships as they are priced a lot now

                              so, it'll be their second fold-ish since 2014?

                                i can already tell JerryRig's video title: "thinnest iPhone ever ! what could go wrong?"

                                  "Apple seems to love thinness these days.."

                                  Apple seems to be staying in 2014 these days..