OnePlus 13, Oppo Find X8, and Realme GT6 Pro to get 6,000 mAh batteries

27 May 2024
The added capacity might be there to mitigate the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4's power hunger.

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How about a 10,000 mah flagship? That would be a game charger, I don't care if it's as heavy as a brick, can use it for self defense.

    jiyen235, 29 May 2024I never said the 14 Ultra is as good as the FX7U, I said it... moreMy bad, I misread it as find x7 ultra instead of find x7. Sorry!

      Aierlan, 29 May 2024I meant basically the 64mp OV64B compared to the lytia 600 ... moreI never said the 14 Ultra is as good as the FX7U, I said it "closes the gap" with it. Specs might suggest the 14U is leagues behind the Oppo but it's not THAT bad. What I said is that the 14U is close to the base FX7 (with OV64B) if not better, based on specs.

      Also, aperture is tougher than just changing sensors, look at how long it took Xiaomi to get to this level with their 5x. Nearly every other competitor has far slower aperture.

        Aierlan, 29 May 2024I meant basically the 64mp OV64B compared to the lytia 600 ... moreYeah that's understandable, and what I expected. The OV64B is an exceptionally well tuned sensor which can provide best in class hybrid zoom shots. But I'm talking about the base zoom shots which I believe would be better with other sensors like the LYT-600 because it's a Sony, that's what I think at least I could be wrong.

          jiyen235, 28 May 2024I'm not sure if the 16 MP photos can provide more deta... moreIf you want to see the massive difference between the 3x on the Find x7 ultra and the 3.2x on the Xiaomi 14 ultra check this out. Skip to about 3:21 on the video and then you can see the crop around 3:25. The aperture can't compensate for the gap in sensor size. If it truly could then why don't manufacturers just use smaller sensors with larger apertures as it is a lot cheaper than buying bigger sensors?

            jiyen235, 28 May 2024I'm not sure if the 16 MP photos can provide more deta... moreI meant basically the 64mp OV64B compared to the lytia 600 which you suggested upgrading to in the previous post. The sensor size is not that different. From Chinese reviews though in goodlight the OV64B beats the imx890 on the Realme gt5pro for anything basically beyond the optical zoom level. In lowlight definitely the imx890 performs better. The imx890 on the Oppo find x ultra by the way absolutely is leagues above the Xiaomi 14 ultra in very lowlight (in cityscapes where there is enough light sources it's not as noticeable). There are comparisons in China which show a massive difference. Completely different level

              Anonymous, 28 May 2024For real, especially a flat screen OnePlus 13 Yes and my S24 Ultra have it to, but want more then a flat display, bigger battery etc, Samsung becomes boring way ago in my eyes.

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                • 28 May 2024

                Anonymous, 28 May 2024For real, especially a flat screen OnePlus 13 Sadly it's not going to be a flat screen
                I just read that it's going to be called 'Quad curved display'.

                I just don't understand OP obsession with curved screens for their flagships, gaming enthusiasts can't buy their flagships because of accidental touches.

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                  • 28 May 2024

                  BigDisplay, 27 May 2024Oohhh yes that's good music for me to hear. Flat disp... moreFor real, especially a flat screen OnePlus 13

                    Finally some battery upgrades 🙏
                    Battery life is the most meaningful upgrade on modern phones

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                      • 28 May 2024

                      nice held out upgrading for 3 years , this will be nice jump hoping the extra power use on Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 isnt true, looking forward to upgrading come near end of this year

                        James Holden, 28 May 2024It's actually the same tech. Silicon carbide battery. Nice. Thermals should be great and they'll be able to keep the phone itself thinner

                          Anton .el PAPI., 27 May 2024Now the race will begin for who has the most battery!! excellentlol, the race will begin for who can feed the hungriest chipsets, meaning, battery life will not change, if they stick to 5000mha it would actually go down, as it stated article 8gen 4 will be super power hungry, so here you go.

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                            • 28 May 2024

                            James Holden, 28 May 2024We'll be having rockets by then. I heard that Elon mus... moreWho travels to Mumbai?

                              Aierlan, 28 May 2024The OV64b performs excellently on the find X7. Actually, I ... moreI'm not sure if the 16 MP photos can provide more detail than the 12.5 MP photo because the 1/1.56" sensor is quite a big bigger than the 1/2" OV64B one and so I'm pretty sure that it would be able to capture more detail. Higher resolutions usually give the illusion of more detail. The OV64B is an amazing sensor though, the X100 Pro thoroughly proved that but the IMX890 is just better imo. The sensor would most likely have more detail and the most important aspect for me is the depth of field, the juicy depth of field of the 3x in the Find X6 Pro and X7 Ultra was beautiful for me, 1/2" is plenty for good bokeh but the Find X6 had the 890 and the X7 doesn't, that's why I felt like it was a downgrade. Not a huge one, but a downgrade nonetheless.

                              Yeah the X7 might be better at hybrid zoom levels but I personally love to use the phones at their best, which is at the native zoom range or just slightly more digital zoom like 1.1-1.3x zoom. So that is a non-issue for me with the 890. And I didn't compare it with the S24 Ultra because I know it'll be as good as if not better at the same zoom tho I believe the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is going to be better, why? Because it has a super wide aperture. The f/1.8 aperture allows the "tiny" 1/2.51" sensor to close the gap with even the 1/1.56" sensor of the FX7U, it has a far better aperture AND is more zoomed in natively than the Oppo so yeah it's able to close the gap with the Ultra, tho I think the Find X7 and the 14 U would be neck and neck if not a straight up win for the 14 U because of the aperture.

                              I'd say the video quality difference is because of either worse ISP, like a worse version of the marisilicon ISP, or more likely the sensor differences. It's easy to get good photos but videos have shorter shutter speeds and super low processing times so you need to have good sensors at least to make sure you have good video. And I think Oppo just ignores the base Find X7 compared to the Find X7 Ultra, I feel like that phone is more of an upsell so that people would go to the Ultra and they focus on improving the Ultra as it gets more coverage. I fr can't find any good Find X7 reviews for the most part and that's fine ig. It was made to be that way. The Find X6 was criminally underrated for me tho.

                              Oneplus would have worse video quality, Oppo's marisilicon chip does wonders. They were clowned on when they had it in the Find X5 Pro but the refined it, like Vivo did from the X80 to the X90, and then had amazing shots with the X6 Pro. First and second gen products might be bad but working on them provides insanely good results. Especially for AI/machine-based stuff, the more you teach it/the better your algorithms are the better the output and so the longer you work on it the better the output. Oneplus NEEDS a separate ISP if they seriously want to compete on the camera front. I hope they just reduce prices by 100-200 dollars and target a different market, pricing it lower than the S + phones and closer to the base S phones and so they can be the best flagship killers.

                                "perhaps you won't be gaining any longevity with these handsets after all, but merely not losing any compared to the previous generation."
                                lines like these make me respect and trust websites like gsmarena.

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                                  MindTheGap, 28 May 2024And? Bigger battery is battery though. We've been stuc... moreUnihertz tank 3. If weight not matter to you.

                                    Anonymous, 27 May 2024It means heavier because with the same density, a smaller b... moreAnd? Bigger battery is battery though. We've been stuck with these dozens of hours of battery life for years. It's time to move on. Maybe with this battery technology, soon we'll get a battery that can holds until 24 hours with heavy usage. Who knows? Technology keeps evolving you know.

                                      Ouifuf, 28 May 2024Hopefully they use something similar to honors carbon tech ... moreIt's actually the same tech. Silicon carbide battery.

                                        Anonymous, 27 May 2024The mAh race will only go up to about 28000mAh because afte... moreWe'll be having rockets by then. I heard that Elon musk wants his starship rockets to transport people across the globe. A nice flight from Mumbai to Miami would probably take like 30 minutes at that speed. And I don't think 30 Ah batteries would be a problem then lol