MediaTek Dimensity 9400 key specs tipped

29 May 2024
The next flagship Dimensity chipset will retain its all-big core structure with a Cortex-X5 prime core.

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If X5 is successor of X4 and better than X4 , why use X4 then ?
Why is there no successor to A720?
Arm is really getting lazy.

    We need more 6 and 7 series chipsets on newer architecture, not these ever increasing thermal menaces.

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      • 29 May 2024

      N3e power consumption difference was very little in m3 vs m4. More like 5-10%.

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        • 29 May 2024

        Jon8652, 29 May 2024Amazing! Glad it's not using any A520 cores. Hopefully... moreWhile all big core design is quite efficient as A7XX cores are far better in performance & efficiency compared to Trash A5XX cores.
        But still i believe 2 small cores are somewhat needed as for lowest level tasks A7XX feels like overkill & would draw more power than A5XX cores.

        So having 2Xcore+4 A7XX+2 A5XX or 4Xcore+4 A720+2 small cores might be better option.

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          • 29 May 2024

          8g4 may have Phoenix L cores at 4.2GHz

            Amazing! Glad it's not using any A520 cores. Hopefully more phone companies start using them