Motorola Edge 50 Ultra in for review

30 May 2024
We've seen it in a wood finish, now marvel at the green Forest Grey Motorola Edge 50 Ultra.

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Nooffensedude, 31 May 2024Except for GPU, there's no reason someone would choose... moreEven in your given comparison sd8 gen 2 owned sd8s gen 3. You just proved my point further. And saying about AI sd8 gen2 also has on die AI engine. With more powerful gpu the overall system output is more than sd8s gen3.

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    • 03 Jun 2024

    Just got the edge 50 pro which has the same cover as the ultra.
    Already looking for another cover.

      That included case is ugly af. But thank god the box is recycled, right?

        Nooffensedude, 01 Jun 2024Imagine being wrong, despite being a "reader for many ... moreTell me you know nothing about it without telling me you know nothing about it. Lol
        A preview piece will end with a statement like
        "We are currently working on our review of the base model, which should be out shortly"
        " The rest of the phone is, for better or for worse, your typical Pixel experience. We will have more to say at a later date in a full review so check back in a few days.
        There is no such statement for this.
        So either way its a mistake on the sites part.
        I have opened many many "In for review" pages and read a full review.
        Get over yourself.

          Dave, 31 May 2024Gen 2 is more efficient power wise, longer battery moreNo it's not. Did you even check out the nanoreview page? The power efficiency is clearly more for the 8s gen3.

          As for the ai, cloud based ai has been there for a while. Whereas, the on-system-ai is the upcoming game changer and is at it's dawn right now. Wait a year, and you'll see. There's a reason that the snapdragon elite x laptops are overwhelming the Intel ultra ones, even though both of them are latest techs.

            Mactronix, 31 May 2024No as a reader for many years when the "in for review&... moreImagine being wrong, despite being a "reader for many years" 🙃

            Go check out the news section of GSMArena. They always let us know "device x in for review" first, and then the review comes a few days after.

            The "preview/hands-on-review", "in for review", and "review" are 3 different things.

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              • 31 May 2024

              Mactronix, 31 May 2024No as a reader for many years when the "in for review&... moreLol yes I didn't even know this is a thing that could be done, talk about the review but not have the review ready to be read this is crazy

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                • 31 May 2024

                Nooffensedude, 31 May 2024Except for GPU, there's no reason someone would choose... moreGen 2 is more efficient power wise, longer battery my book thats a BIG AI helps when the battery dies, and most of AI is done in the cloud anyway.

                  Diavoros, 31 May 2024"In for review" means that they received the devi... moreNo as a reader for many years when the "in for review" message pops up that means the full review has been done and is ready. Honestly what dream planet are you on to think that a company would let us know that they have a device and are about to test it ??
                  That happened on 16th April when they did the hands on test.

                    Lol i thought that was weird looking Samsung S21 Ultra

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                      • 31 May 2024

                      Waste mobile.
                      Wrong decision.
                      Low. Battery backup.
                      Hanging issues.
                      Overall my decision was wrong

                        Robin, 31 May 2024Where is the review? "In for review" means that they received the device to make the review about it, which should be out soon.

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                          • 31 May 2024

                          I´ll come back happy to Motorola but they need prove they are committed with their customers.....They have terrible support policy , and huge delay delivering timely updates...Take the RAZR 40 Ultra...I honestly don't know if they have yet updated to Android 14 yet.....

                          I know many of you will say that some customers don't give a crap about updates, but for a 1000€ flagship phone it's not a question if you value or not.....For me it's mandatory .

                          They´re doing a fine job hardware wise, and they improve the design, but I still have question marks regarding their support. And Lenovo it´s not transparent about this.....So until then, i'm staying away from Moto and keeping my Samsung galaxy flip 5. i had the worst experience ever with the Edge 30 ultra....For those who consider long term and timely update support you have been warned .

                          And yes i would return gladly to Motorola but I don't think they are up to the flagship rules....

                            TechJocky, 31 May 2024Between? Lmao. It's worse than sd8 gen 2. On the othe... moreExcept for GPU, there's no reason someone would choose the 8 gen 2 over the 8s gen 3... Besides the era of AI is beginning and is gonna get a lot more intensive. The 8s gen 3 has on-system-AI unlike the 8 gen 2. So purchasing an 8 gen 2 right now would be as bad a decision as purchasing a 4g phone right now.


                              Motorola EUROPE is truly hating us here 🇫🇮? I'm a Moto fan but not buying any of their new phones. Insanely high prices in EU/Finland. Motorola Edge 50 Pro with barely a midrange chip: 699€ (Samsung Galaxy A55 399€, Galaxy A35 299€) so no one buys 50 Pro. Next Edge 50 Ultra which is really nice and I of course love the Nordic wood finish, price is 999 € (OnePlus 12 16/512gb is 899€, Samsung S24 only 750€, S24+ is at cheapest 999€ 256gb model). Now in June Motorola Edge 50 Fusion hits the shops, I've seen very favorable reviews from India with decent camera too winning against most rivals, with and nice eco leather or suede finish, price in 🇫🇮 is very high again at 449€, how can it compete against much cheaper A35 and A55 or Nothing 2a which is cheaper too? Motorola seems over confident? They shouldn't be! It will not sell well. It's crazy that the same 50 Fusion sells for 349€ in Germany so Finns are probably richer and can pay 100€ more? We're not rich here! Stupid idiotic "Russian sanctions" hits os in the leg more than maybe any other EU country and we have now over 500,000 people living in poverty and number is only growing, but of course Germany is also in bad recession, but Russian economy is a miracle it's growing 5 % in 2024 against all odds, against thousands of sanctions against them. Finally: Motorola phones are usually not getting cheaper here with time, as other brands are, as an example now soon a year ago released Motorola Edge 40 Neo is still 399€ and it is costs the same today.

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                                • 31 May 2024

                                YUKI93, 31 May 2024I'm looking forward to the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 perform... moreBehind gen 3... dont eat all they serving you.. Maybe just bit better to gen 2 and thats it... In 3-4 thr gen 4 is coming..
                                If you approach this phone about the processor you wrong...
                                We should ask for bigger battery even with 1000 cycles

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                                  • 31 May 2024

                                  Where is the review?

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                                    • 31 May 2024

                                    Anyways- when is this going to show up in US North America?

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                                      • 31 May 2024

                                      Anonymous, 31 May 2024The price is undoubtedly too high, though it will soon come... moreyeah, there is also other things like updates policy... ohh wait