Nokia Comes With Music launched in UK, leaves mixed impressions

17 Oct, 2008
The new Nokia all-you-can-eat music service launched this week in UK and the first impressions already started pouring in. The first Comes With Music devices include the Nokia 5310, purportedly the best...

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  • Saad Saleem

hmm,wont b successful...although u easily get 2 download real original tracks, da limitations r so much(changing PC,copyrite protection etc),...

  • mark

what are they friggin' kidding us?

You can get drm protection free songs from LIMEWIRE anytime and you can do whatever you want with those song..

I support Nokia but this "comes with music" seems to be some kind of a joke...

  • zorkor

All this hassle from Nokia just to listen to some measly stupid MP3?

Sorry but i will stick with limewire, utorrent for the time being. DRM can go to hell.

  • Nirodha

DRM is no big deal and someone will crack Nokia's version of it soon enough.

  • xpert

I think the downloaded music will be license protected
and we will not able to share it out to friends :(

So lame, didn't even state the T&C.

Anyone found out my queries, please update us.
Well, thank you and sorry that someone will be the
first research guinea pig :D


  • james

sony ericsson`s play now plus is better

  • Dani

I might get that 5310 'comes with Music' edition, the Black one