iOS 18 is official with Apple Intelligence, focus on customization

10 June 2024
There are a lot of new features spread throughout.

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So basically app updates and home screen grid (saw it somewhere 12 years ago. Oh yes android).
Could have been as app updates rather than OS update. Such a lame OS update mechanism.

    "You can customize your home screen more, including putting things on the grid in any order"
    Truly innovative, welcome to 2008 (since android 1.0)

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      • KRW
      • 11 Jun 2024

      Ok .. typing this comment on ios 18 beta on iphone XR .. so far, everything is ok.. performance stay almost the same as ios 17 .. did not really notice any slow down or visible lag.

        that's what the customers get for being stingy with their wallets and not overpaying their overlords

          Lol, 10 Jun 2024In a nutshell, one big nothing.Androne copium is strong ion GSMArena

            ThunderCrackR, 11 Jun 2024So you finally get Galaxy AI, Android's launcher, Andr... moreAnd which Android has all of that, working, in a useful way?

            Maybe Android in 5 years lmao.

            Cope, brother. Cope.

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              • 11 Jun 2024

              zackaroo, 10 Jun 2024No AI for months old iphone 15 :(LoL .. that why you need to be clever when buying iPhone .. don't become blind by Apple marketing.

              either you go straight to the top of the line or if you really really need an iphone but want to save money.. just go with last year top of the line specs iphone.

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                • 11 Jun 2024

                Material You ??

                  Anonymous, 10 Jun 2024What kind of stupid question is this?? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Every new iPho... moreI don't remember any phone running Android sold at iPhones prices being launched with old OS versions. Also, the OS is not a phone, by the way ("this is not Android", an OS, when talking about iPhone - a specific series of phones). The OS is one thing, the phone models manufacturers launch is another.

                    So you finally get Galaxy AI, Android's launcher, Android's themed icons, a lesser version of Samsung's Secure Folder, Copilot with commercial protection (ahem, "Private Cloud Compute") and many other existent features. You even get Game Mode. Good catching up, Apple, good catching up. Still a way to go but good to see improvements.

                      lmao, welcome to android world apple

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                        • 10 Jun 2024

                        No AI for months old iphone 15 :(

                          SamsungRules, 10 Jun 2024True APKs are king. math notes and smartscript are genius Android has limitless apk sources. Math notes is nothing but blant copy paste of tons of apps on play store, like ms math solver. Or dedicated CAS graphical calculator. Smart script is another copy paste of Android counterparts

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                            • 10 Jun 2024

                            SamsungRules, 10 Jun 2024Apple shines in the software department, Android is lagging... moreAre you for real? What features from this new AI bullsh... would you actually use? It's just a lot of fancy words for things that are utterly pointless. Phones already are good enough, yeah features like live translation and security are always welcome, but come on, I read the article and I didn't understand most of it. Phones are meant to be easy to use and make our lives easier. This is just nonsense. I like the customisation features, the reworked photos app, translation feature and app lock. Things that were on android for years but bow they have "apple intelligence" woah, such innovation

                              So, like i said, all this hype about AI this, AI that for this long and we get a hand almost full of nothing haha a customization here, some emojis there, some "smart predictions", a calculator, and 1 or 2 more things. That's the big fuss about AI?

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                                • 10 Jun 2024

                                No devices dropped from support, that's all I need to judge it as a good update (unlike 16/17)

                                  SamsungRules, 10 Jun 2024Apple shines in the software department, Android is lagging... moreShines in softwares, like copying most features of android?

                                    iOS becoming like Android since iOS 14

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                                      • 10 Jun 2024

                                      Will RCS will be available only on ios 18 ,or when you update new message app? I don't get it? Can i use it on older ios

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                                        • 10 Jun 2024

                                        Anonymous, 10 Jun 2024What kind of stupid question is this?? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Every new iPho... moreYou confuse a system with a company, and still think you're right, ignorance at highest pick. Minding the way apple "innovations" further kills the last drop of innovation left, the only selling point for their Tphlone is an OS update. Yeah they must be really proud. Well, do not get me wrong, i hope they do well further, the more ms buy apple products the more richer they get, the better goes my bank investments.