YouTube is now cracking down on those using VPNs to get Premium cheaper

21 June 2024
YouTube can tell when you're lying about your location, VPN or not.

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Anton .el PAPI., 21 Jun 2024YouTube still exists? haha before it was used to watch a t... moreI have a youtube app that is custom. They are literally on [CLASSIFIED]. Never going back to og youtube

    pl2rts, 21 Jun 2024It's a serious discrimination to have different prices... moreSay it 🙂

      um, 21 Jun 2024Everyone know the mess Androids isWat u mean. My youtube is custom and i can watch any vid with no ads and everytime linus even mentions SPONSOR itll skip it to get to the point of the video and skip the intro and outro and such. And areas where the youtuber makes a dumb joke that isnt funny will also be skipped automatically. So yea im good with ny custom youtube.

        Lol no need. My youtube is different and i dont pay sh1t and i get no ads at all lol and its WAY better than the original or premium youtube. 🤣

        No apple sheep you cant download it since apple dont let you. Sorry. Android is the best.

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          • um
          • S37
          • 21 Jun 2024

          Everyone know the mess Androids is

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            • S37
            • 21 Jun 2024

            Google don't like privacy and security, uninstall chrome manifest v3 is s disaster , Firefox is the way forward

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              • gjL
              • 21 Jun 2024

              I disabled the app on the phone and deleted the bookmark on the PC.
              NOT WATCHING IT!...

                It's a serious discrimination to have different prices in different regions. It's like in the past in America were signs on the restaurant windows that who can't enter.

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                  • Abdoudz07
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                  • 21 Jun 2024

                  Youtube has been earning 1 dollar per month in the past few months for premium subscription , and after that decision , they ain't going to earn no more .
                  I'm not paying 14 us dollars in a country that has an Average income of 10 $ per day . No way 👎

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                    • Rosso
                    • 8k9
                    • 21 Jun 2024

                    If they can afford it to be cheaper in certain countries, they can afford for it be that price everywhere

                    But greedy capatilistic company gonna do capilatilistic things

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                      • Stoon
                      • fwK
                      • 21 Jun 2024

                      NewPipe is the way to go : lighter, faster, no ads and all downloads available

                        YouTube still exists? haha before it was used to watch a tutorial but you can now find that on other platforms 🤷‍♂️ to watch videos? There are also other platforms to listen to music? hahahahaha there are many music platforms and with better audio* so what is the controversy with YouTube? I deleted the app a while ago and if I want to watch a video but without annoying ads, I see it on the website where I have blockers and that's it... hahaha

                          Anonymous, 21 Jun 2024Two vastly different things Theese persons have to pay r... moreI'm having hard time to understand what you really want to say due to your spelling and mistakes.

                          He's saying it's digital so he questions why the prices should differ.

                          I'm saying because it's due to the purchasing power people have. If you sit the the amounts these earn on global basis, you'll see a huge difference.

                          Whats the relation with remote work? It's all about the country where payroll goes. If the employee is in India, do you think US companies will pay based on the market in US? No. They'll pay relatively low and maybe competitive in Indian market. Unless, we're talking about somebody who's on b2b contract or doing sth freelance.

                          My main objective was people's purchasing power and companies set different prices for different countries thinking the economy in that country. If they'll try to sit a standart rate, they'll see how the sales drop dramatically. Steam is a good example. They recently changed their local currency to their main currency in some countries, people who see the price increase simply gave up to pay/buy new games.

                            I'm more confident with ReVanced Extended until my fate of the age

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                              • J1$
                              • 21 Jun 2024

                              David, 21 Jun 2024But then it’s clearly extortion/profiteering by Google for ... moreOne could argue they are reducing the regular price to increase accessibility in the places that cannot afford it, not the other way around. I've been in a room where similar discussions took place and that was always the thinking... and yes, developed countries end up subsidizing the access to the poorer economies. (DISCLAIMER: I don't work for Google, so cannot comment on their actual rationale)

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                                • 8uX
                                • 21 Jun 2024

                                I remember the golden age of YouTube before the filthy tendrils of google started strangling it. Imagine a time without the loop-de-loop adverts forcefully injected every 15 seconds, without the trash algorithms harvesting your user data, without the arbitrary content blocks...
                                You really don't miss anything until it's truly gone...

                                Will never pay for premium. Will use all adblocks until the end of time. Will watch videos through firefox+DDG search pages. Will download videos from 3rd party sites if all else fails. From a former small time youtuber posting tech tutorials for niche software, who got completely screwed over by the trash running this company in the recent few years, I wouldn't give them a Heimlich if they were all collectively choking on their own hubris. Duck Google.

                                  as much as they try to harm us and ask for money, we will always find a solution to stop them, there are so many applications that offer solutions that you don't have to pay, at least for android users, and ad blockers, and for the rest, we won't even watch nonsense from YouTube if necessary. ..they are crazy that someone will pay them 150e for a year,,,why should we pay for their platform where people upload their videos...

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                                    • 21 Jun 2024

                                    I'm still not paying or getting ads OR sponsorship pieces. Good luck with that.

                                      I pay premium and, still, Youtube without Sponsorblock? Yeaaaaah, not happening.

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                                        • 21 Jun 2024

                                        brsdrgn, 21 Jun 2024Do you know anything about macro economy? You can hire s... moreTwo vastly different things

                                        Theese persons have to pay rent, food etc....
                                        All of which costa differently due to reasons you said.

                                        What he is saying is that its digital so it makes no sense for the price to differ
                                        If the company can not afford it they can hire the senior from India then, its all made online/from home

                                        Another side of the coin is then people from example India worling remote for American companys should be paid Indian salary then right?not the is that going?
                                        You want it only in one direction and thats not how it should work