T-Mobile G1 is now available, Android source code released

22 Oct, 2008
T-Mobile USA today announced the national availability of the highly anticipated T-Mobile G1, the first Android-powered mobile phone. Beginning today, consumers can purchase the phone in select retail...

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  • X-pert

Open source code without approval from Google means attracting hackers and anti-virus developers. Looks like this bait is not fishy but rather hooking us lab test guinea pigs. I'll just fold my arms and see what happens in the next decade. I love Google app but not their business style.
I'll say the same, thanks but no thanks :) This round, i'll pass.


  • Arthur V

Victor, 26 Oct 2008I am very disapointed with this phone. It was designed to c... moremake sense much? no. what doesn't it have the compete? the fact that it's not only touch screen but open source with a QWERTY keyboard AND a trackball? or the fact that it has a 3.2 mp camera? or the fact that the apps are easier to find, obtain, install and use? or the fact that it's cheaper to buy and cheaper to use monthly on a 3g network that has a free spectrum of any and all traffic other than TMO....use your brain about the plan as well LOL

  • Anonymous

gcotton27, 28 Oct 2008Victor- Thats not true! If your paying a $19.99 internet d... morestick together you bumz!

  • gcotton27

Thats not true! If your paying a $19.99 internet data plan, we would remove that and add the $24.99 data plan including 400 mms/sms. The G1 $24.99 data plans are the normal $19.99 blackberry or total internet plan plus the $4.99 for 400 mms/sms inlcuded.
G1 $34.99 data plans are the normal $19.99 blackberry or total internet plans plus the $14.99 unlimited mms/sms.
I am a tmobile employee and from first hand experience the phone is a 8 out of 10. The design is wack and so is the battery life. It will die after about 6 hours of heavy usage.

Watch out for the open source!!
Other then that GO TMOBILE!!!!!

  • Victor

I am very disapointed with this phone. It was designed to compete with the Apple Giant, though it was not given the feature set to compete. I am also sad that tmobile has embraced the industry practice of treating their existing customers like idiots, charging them extra for data services that could be provided under the existing $19.99 plan. Tmobile is telling me that I must pay an additional $24.99, on top of the $19.99 that I am already paying for data services. They report this is because the G1 uses its own data connectivity package (Even though it operates on the exact same band as the rest of their 3g phones). Existing customers beware, for your next bill may be very interesting.How can they justify this, when the entire point of a sim card is to switch between multiple devices?

  • Jaggz

When I said "these" I meant the G1...

My bad!

  • Jaggz

T-Mobile in the states is kinda like Telstra here in Australia, they both rule the telecommunication markets. Here Telstra have the "sidekick" or as we know it the HipTop, so I'm assuming that if I can get my hands on one of these, that it would work on Telstra's Next G network. If not, I'll settle for just 3G... It's good enough.

I've seen the advertising for these phones, and I am seriously drooling. I really really really want one.

  • Anonymous

the g1 will only work on the t-mobile network. you will be very unhappy if you try to use it with another carrier. same deal as a sidekick basically.

  • cbi

MAHAD, 23 Oct 2008yes but yaou have to get it unlocked first, it's easy........ moreunlocked is already available in market also some online stores...can find it on Sn Traders online...

  • Anonymous

t.c, 23 Oct 2008anon i cant believe your on here to correctt pps english,th... moreright on !!


Aleem, 23 Oct 2008Can we use it othere then T-Mobile???yes but yaou have to get it unlocked first,
it's easy.....then you can insert any sim-card and it'll work just as normal !!!!

  • Aleem

Can we use it othere then T-Mobile???

  • t.c

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2008Anonymous "The only thing anoying in this deal is t-mobil... moreanon i cant believe your on here to correctt pps english,theres even a rumour the tinternet can b used by non ingerlishsh speaking countries now!(does that annoy you:)
talk about phones man, thats why were here, you want do that stuff go to a literature discussion site

  • Anonymous

only thing i dont like is that they making you get that 3g stuff and bad part for me is that both the place where i live and go to school have very weak signal of 3g so for now its worthless for me to get this phone and end up paying 35 more on my monthly bill adds up to 840 dollar for two years hmmmm can get a really good device for that price

  • z

people should use G1 first b4 posting xxxx comments

  • z

2 yrs conttract...thats good, since i buy unlocked phone...no need to end contract to get cheap phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2008Anonymous "The only thing anoying in this deal is t-mobil... morecome on man. is not about the english standard. this are internet language. I can understand what he meant. Tmob depts is a short cut for T-Mobile department. come on you do MSN right. stop posting such comment about people's poor language. If you cannot understand learn it. be street smart not book worm.

  • jameslc

android platform is still far from stable. i recently programmed two softwares for that platform and experienced many issues with the api. i would not recommend an android-powered cellphone right now.

  • Anonymous

"The only thing anoying in this deal is t-mobile. i do not understand htc. how can they sink to tmob depts?"

"...depts?" Are you referring to "depths" I do not understand you. How can you post on a public site and sink to the depths of English illiteracy.

  • Anonymous

Kao, 22 Oct 2008they're on the making of the 2nd generation right now. 1st ... morealready , woah!! where did you hear that?