T-Mobile G1 is now available, Android source code released

22 Oct, 2008
T-Mobile USA today announced the national availability of the highly anticipated T-Mobile G1, the first Android-powered mobile phone. Beginning today, consumers can purchase the phone in select retail...

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  • Anonymous

No It's only $179.99 with 2 year upgrade!

  • Anonymous

the only thing anoying in this deal is t-mobile.
i do not understand htc. how can they sink to tmob depts?

  • Anonymous

$349 with 2year contract extension

  • Kao

they're on the making of the 2nd generation right now. 1st one look cheap

  • Anonymous

the next "google phone" will be muuuch better
G1 is jjust the 1st, does not worth the contract.

  • Anonymous

I'm lucky enough to work with phones and I got my hands on a G1 today. Its the first phone I've used in over 12 months that is making me consider getting rid of my blackberry.

  • francis

how much?

  • Amd'

Great, lets hope there will be a lot of mobiles carrying this OS , I dont like G1 styling

  • Erick

Good timing, releasing this information while the Symbian Smartphone show is on in London today. The PR machine is working.

This and the Symbian foundation will lead to a change in the wider computing landscape as more and more computing is carried out through mobile devices and less through PCs. It is probable that in 10 years this lead operating system for computing will not be desktop based such as Windows but one of these operating systems instead.

  • kamaleon