Nokia E63 pops-up, will be cheaper than E71

23 Oct, 2008
On and on, the Nokia E63 becomes a less mysterious device with the latest leak of details and decent photos. The rumored device will run on the Symbian v9.1, S60 v3.1 and will have a full QWERTY keyboard...

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  • Anonymous

cah gemblung, 02 Nov 2008why???why what

  • Anonymous

you guys dont know what your talking about the e63 came out before they even started to think about making the e71

  • wong sundo

ehm...great performance..tapi urang can daek euy..rieut!!
ka kang david beckam kumaha damang??

  • arieL

thats is simple phone,easy to used and than more portable for who people get the high activity

  • cah gemblung


  • dajjal

good performance....but very expensive

  • anon

to me the E63 just looks like a cheaper version of the E71. the metal casing was a good idea as it made the phone more sturdy and durable

  • Anonymous

won't the usage of plastic make it lighter in weight as compared to E71's metal body? i won't mind a lighter plastic body e63.


standard rp- 300$

4th quarter of 2008

  • gogon

E63 have the wonderful colour..its good!! can be interest to peoples

  • Anonymous

Recession version of the E71.

  • Anonymous

Whn is the e63 launching & what would be the price of it ??

  • Anonymous

i thank the nokia e63 comes to cover about nokia e71 serious
Mistakes in antenna & camera & a lot of bugs else but i think nokia e63 is ugly & poor quality little option from 3.2 megapixel to 2 megapixel & video call to no video call i loved e71 so much the case the Futures but take a lot bugssssssss pretty phone a lot bugs ugly & poor phone little bugs
thanks nokia

  • rigelstuff

Isn't this the E72 leaked about a month ago together with the E75?

  • Anonymous

does it have edge and 3g

  • Lycanthrope

Vin, 26 Oct 2008when will the phone will be lunch? Will it be lunch in Asia region?It will be "lunch" when you decide to have it for lunch...;)

  • Lycanthrope

Waley, 25 Oct 2008All the things in E63 are compromisable but 256k display is not ... moreThere's not much of a discernible difference between a 256,000-color and a 16M-color screen to the human eye, particularly when speaking about cell phones. It's just a gimmick used by manufacturers to push their products to gullible people. My SE K850i's 262K-color display looks much brighter, colorful, and crisper than my Nokia E61's 16M-color display.

  • haneet

Gran_Tech, 24 Oct 2008It's a cheaper alternative to E71 but the symbian 9.1 is just ru... moreHi Gran i do second ur thought but for nokia to incorporate the gps in a firmware itself is a huge cost i guess that is what was thought by nokia to take care of the reduced prices. cheers Haneet

  • Haneet

rajesh, 24 Oct 2008i would like to know if e63 is black berry enabled.Hi rajesh, i guess u are mentioning the push mail feature which is very much a part of the E63.hope that answers ur question but yes it does not support the linux based mail accessability which is only possible on a blackberry firmware. cheers Haneet

  • Haneet

i guess the compromise factor with the options are very few. i mean the 2.0 mp camera for instance would be a fair deal for a much cheaper device if it can serve all the other features of the E71.
I have carried the e71 & found it a bit bulky for my shirt top pocket.I guess E63 with its platic body is a boon and not a disadvantage.