Nokia E63 pops-up, will be cheaper than E71

23 Oct, 2008
On and on, the Nokia E63 becomes a less mysterious device with the latest leak of details and decent photos. The rumored device will run on the Symbian v9.1, S60 v3.1 and will have a full QWERTY keyboard...

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  • Vin

when will the phone will be lunch? Will it be lunch in Asia region?

  • madhusudhan


  • Z

E71 is a marvel!
Everything else is a compromise. Trade-offs come cheaper which is good for many people anyway.

  • S

The keyboard is better on e63 (layout), now CTRL has its own button.

  • Waley

All the things in E63 are compromisable but 256k display is not so good.

  • jose

fans of the E71 are corporate users who did not buy the phone for its metal case but rather for its email, data and speed capabilities. if i could get the same features for a cheaper price, plastic case will do just fine!

  • rajesh

i would like to know if e63 is black berry enabled.

  • Roni

I think that the e71 is just great, the e63 looks more like a toy than a smartphone. Here in Albania you can find a e71 for 350 Euros, moreover, looking again at the e63 they have reduced the pixels as well so i don;t think that they have improved the camera features in the e63.

  • Rayaz

Wow a cheaper E71, now that's good news, as i had a E61 before and was wanting to upgrade to the E71 but the cost of the unit was too much. I don't mind a feature limited version at a lower price. Hopefully the quality of the plastics will be high to avoid squeaks.

Just hope that nokia does not skimp on auto focus with the 2MP lower camera, as the e-series is now moving towards the mass market and macro and autofocus is now a must have in any camera, shame that phone manufacturers don't seem to get that!

I hope they also sorted out the SAR issue with the E71 as that's a major worry. The heating problems with the E51 and 6120C were scarry, and it seems these issues crept into the even slimmer E71. Just hope the e63 and newer e71's will have this rectified.

  • Gran_Tech

It's a cheaper alternative to E71 but the symbian 9.1 is just rubish for these days.It should better have at least GPS function

  • Karim

thnx So mucH 4 thiS NewVersion
bUt Plz when it will be avallible?

  • Ktloz

This is just what the E62 was to the E61i, despite the fact it is entirely made of plastic. I have the E71 and I wouldn't trade it for the cheaper plastic cheaper feeling of the E63. These are devices targeted to different audiences.I'm sure the differences between these two are deeper than what we can read here.
For the people complaining about the camera problems on the E71, I'm sure that's nothing a software revision couldn't fix.

  • I know best

If Nokia price this correctly and it works as it should they could clear up its about time they brought something qwerty, the camera for business users is thought to not be important but who wants to use a 2m pix camera when 5mb is becoming more and more available

Nokia get a 5 mp version quickly

  • nidhi

look is not good

  • shabbir

I think, nokia E63 will rock the market... just waiting for price...

  • Justin

I wonder if they've fixed the camera. I'm craving the E71 but the cam is meant to be appalling....argh...wish Nokia would put EVERYTHING they do well in ONE phone?!

  • Piyush

1.They must add Speech-to-Text option for MSG's.(msgs can be saved as text file to view on PC, more msgs space on phone)

2.LED keypad (15 keys only, so press keys is easy and fast) that changes his display upon what you see on screen or you can choose what type of keys you want on keypad as setting profiles for keypad display keys. e.g. virtual keys characters displays on keypad, sometimes numbers sometimes ABC's on same keys. single digit at a time. (15 keys coz abc(26) so 13 characters displays once then 13 after for choosing that you have 2 keys left behind for other options to choose (whatever you want to set))

  • Dani

That Black and brown one looks like the 5310 XpressMusic..

jazzed up E-Series...Dayum!

i thought they were just designed like business phones


Awww...I was just about to buy the E71...when is the E63 supposed to hit the Asian Markets?...but definitely the metal E71 is mucchhh sophisticated as compared to the plastic E63...

  • Vali

I'm curious, why do you think the E71 is overpriced? It's the best looking smartphone, faster than all Nseries, and you can do almost everything N-Series can do. In Romania i've bought one for EUR 320, and it was brand new in box, all original accessories, 2 years warranty, unlocked, just like from a retailer, but much ceheaper (in stores is EUR 550). I think there is no need to give up the classy looks of stainless steel over a cheap plastic.