Nokia E63 pops-up, will be cheaper than E71

23 Oct, 2008
On and on, the Nokia E63 becomes a less mysterious device with the latest leak of details and decent photos. The rumored device will run on the Symbian v9.1, S60 v3.1 and will have a full QWERTY keyboard...

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  • dexter_pro

i've been around GSMARENA for sometimes n this is my 1st post.
Just wanna say, u all r awesome :)
n looking forward to own this E63. Hopefully price should be much cheaper than the E71, n it's express-on

  • Anonymous

E90_user, 23 Oct 2008why in the world do you need GPS on your phone? your car must h... moreGeo Tagging
The phone need the GPS for Geo Tagging.
It would make your picture collection more colorful ;)

And also Geo Chatting.
You could send allong your location with SMS to your fried.
If you were go into large amusement park like Disneyland, and got separated from your fellow family/friend. You could sent an SMS to them with your GPS location. ;)

  • Eugen

I just wait E63. It's great. I hope it'll have a great price.

  • Anonymous

Pablo, 23 Oct 2008I keep reading all of these comments about how it needs this or ... moreThis phone is indeed targeted at lower businessman segment. Or the one that have GPS in the car ;)

I think we (at least I do) should wait till the big S60 release 5 go into E series before deciding any upgrade. Although I'm pretty sure the first time S60 release 5 touch the E series it will be ULTRA EXPENSIVE, that buying the E71 or E63 justified.

Well, that's my 3 cents.

  • Anonymous

I would say that E63 is the E61i soul in E71 body.
The specs is E61i specs....

nice upgrade for the E61i user.

  • Anonymous

i think this is nokia's answer on complaints about how small and uncomfortable the E71's keypad is...

  • o2atoman

Zobi, 23 Oct 2008Thanks but no thanks. E71 is not overpriced and stainless steel rules.I totally agree! E71 is way much better with steel frame body! and I'm sure the price wouldn't be far from E71, maybe just $50 less!

  • flash

guys at GSM ARENA, wusssssuppp!!
how ya'll doin? great news and leaks and detailed info you will always find here!!! keep it up guys!!!

  • dmf

like nokia's affordibility

  • Anonymous

this phone is copy from motorola Q11 .but `Q11 is beter whit windows mobil wifi and 3.2 mp camera ...

  • vey_b2

no front camera? for videocall?

  • E90_user

why in the world do you need GPS on your phone?
your car must have GPS not your phone!!!!

  • Kam

Shiny steel looks slick, but kills the RF performance; hopefully the plastic backing will alleviate that problem!

  • Symbian Freak

Nice and useful...

to answer the comment below about E90:
this is the successor of E61 and the nephew of E71 and E73 but its not a communicator ..the communicator like E90 need much time to have a successor..i will wait for that time since no one of the E7x or E6x has an innoviation like 800 pixel screen of E90.

  • Niki

I don't see GPS in the list

  • Danilo

With a set of features 95% identical tot the Nokia E71 (minus the 3.2 megapixel camera). It's actually a good buy.

There's nothing yet in the Nokia E71 or the E73 that would make me change from my current Nokia E90.

A plus for the Nokia E73, though, is the VGA resolution and the larger screen size which is very much welcome. Coming from a very capable E90, the Nokia E71's smallish thumb board isn't exactly a treat.

To summarize the key selling points of each phone:
Nokia E73: Larger screen size, Wider keys, More affordable price
Nokia E71: Luxurious metallic body and finish, smaller size

  • mm1

smart ideas from nokia inorder to every body can buy some thing from nokia products.

  • Zobi

Thanks but no thanks. E71 is not overpriced and stainless steel rules.

  • Roton

Manik, 23 Oct 2008Metal looks of E 71 are better than any device. I am the firs... moreprize should be a E63!!!

  • Flames

click_exchange, 23 Oct 2008screen legability looks poor... Appearances can be deceiving.........