Nokia Lumia Amber update rolling out globally now

16 August, 2013
The update targets the Lumia 920 and 820 first and should hit all phones by the end of September.

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  • boren

Superb updating, thanks Nokia.

  • DeeJay

No Glance Screen for Lumia 520, while the Asha 501 have it? What the heck is wrong with this update?

  • z

nobody cares

Great news, can't wait!

  • AnonD-77517

get more info here

  • AnonD-71066


  • adeeb

820 still in the coming soon mode.

  • Pro Android Nokia

finally!!...Microsoft is sh1t...between august of last year till now Android has released 3 firmware updates...WTF has microsoft been fookin doin...I love Nokia but fook Elop is kill1ng this company....I wuld pay a £500 for an android nokia phone...but fook sh1t if I pay $500 for Lumia 1020...Its never too late the shareholders of Nokia shuld vote Elop out and hire a CEO that will switch to android...fook microsoft!!!!!!

  • AnonD-70018

Oh, wow, looks like it might already be available for the Lumia 920 in Ireland on Vodafone. . . that was fast