Nokia Lumia Amber update rolling out globally now

16 August, 2013
The update targets the Lumia 920 and 820 first and should hit all phones by the end of September.

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  • tyetye

Ivan CPT, 06 Sep 2013For all waiting on Amber update via OTA, this is what I did... moreAm living in Jamaica and i got lumia 620 its from united kingdom and i haven't received any prompt or anything for updating to amber update

  • curnel from st.lucia

iss there any amber update for the caribbean

  • Anonymous

My amber 521 does not suport any simcard and any time i insect my sim it tells me to get an unlock code from my costomer service please why

  • Anonymous

HaNabil, 21 Aug 2013My lumia 920 is not showing an update available.. i live in... moreSame thing here! so frustrated!! today is October 1, and still no update!! WTF

  • SiD

I ve just updated my lumia 720.... Actually expected a lot more....

  • vks_j

i have just updated amber for lumia 720 in India.

It just took 15 mints to update.


  • mit

is lumia 520 is a good phone 2 purchase and what about it apps and games
and also tell me its speed of net

  • mak123

Narveer Yadav, 12 Sep 2013When amber update will be available for Nokia Lumia 620 in ... morelumia 520 update is still in testing phase for india

  • rahul

thoufiq, 30 Aug 2013new updation is too gud.. jus take ur phone to nokia care d... moreMy phone is under warranty period and i doesn't have warrenty card can nokia care update my phone for free

  • Anonymous

Sanjeev Singh, 11 Sep 2013Yesterday, I got one new update alert on my Lumia 520 and I... moreWhich country are you from?

  • Narveer Yadav

When amber update will be available for Nokia Lumia 620 in INDIA. I am checking it daily. It says software is up to date?

  • Sanjeev Singh

Yesterday, I got one new update alert on my Lumia 520 and I updated my mobile. Mobile update took almost 2hrs. When phone start again after update, I found that Amber update was installed on phone all new camera app and FM etc. Update is working fine for me but there is nothing new except FM.

New firmware version: 3046.0000.1329.2001

  • shtrakaput

got the update on 10.09.2013 in Romania
the big disappointment is the volume level which you still can not change for different things
the lock screen clock is nice, some wifi updates but you still can not change IP, MAC address, or any other settings, camera app is nice, nokia ringtone is changed for the worst in my opinion, double tap to wake up is nice, flip to mute also nice, data sense app is a good addition if you have limited free data.
that's all for now

  • satya

Hey my phone showing me u r up to can i install update. lumia620

  • panuti

When Lumia amber update is rolling out in India?

  • deepak

Johnny, 07 Sep 2013I just updated my 520 ... it's awesome!where are u from?
I'm from india...
i dint get any updates for my lumia520!! :(

  • AnonD-170072

How and from where are ?

  • Johnny

I just updated my 520 ... it's awesome!

  • Anonymous

Still waiting amber for my 920