Windows Mobile 6.5 confirmed, WinMo 7 still quite far away

10 Nov, 2008
Following the rumors that have been going around, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer "mentioned" that the yet unannounced Windows Mobile 6.5 OS is planned to arrive in 2009...

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Windows Mobile 6.5 leaked + new Internet Explorer in emulator available
November 12, 2008 [Pocket PC phone] | By Edward J. R.

First screenshots of Windows Mobile 6.5 available!

Note: the new Internet Explorer with desktop-class rendering engine and Flash is coming already in Windows Mobile 6.1.4 and is available in emulator form here, some quotes about it:

Some of the cool features available with Internet Explorer Mobile 6 are:

* Improved fidelity (support for full fidelity desktop rendering)
* Layout fixes to accommodate a mobile screen (text wrap)
* Enhanced Script and AJAX support (Jscript v5.7 from Internet Explorer 8)
* Improved multimedia experience (Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 for Adobe Flash content)
* Deeper integration with search
* Enhanced cursor navigation model
* Touch and gesture support – pan support
* Multiple zoom levels
* Easy switching between mobile / desktop versions of sites by specifying UA strings.

Conclusion: Windows Mobile 6.5 is much more than just new Internet Explorer and our prediction regarding future versions is:

* Windows Mobile 6.1.4 - new Internet Explorer
* Windows Mobile 6.5 - new UI for finger-based navigation and new looks, Skymarket (Windows Mobile application store)
* Windows Mobile 7 - multitouch, Zune software integrated.

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funny, hopefully they won't dispoint us when WinMo7 come out. Dont tell me that actually the WinMo platform has certain limitation, compare to MacOS mobile.

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james, 11 Nov 2008what phone is he holding?Thats k850i sony ericson model 5mp, cyber shot

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Windows Mobile 6.5 rumour is begin from Motorola and the first using OS Windows Mobile 6.5 is Motorola.

CEO of Microsoft talks in Oz about future of Windows Mobile
November 06, 2008 [General] | By Edward J. R.

After visiting Korea, Steve Ballmer dropped by to Australia (aka Oz) where he had a speech and Q&A session that kicked off alliance of Microsoft with Telstra Australia. One of topics was Windows Mobile and its competitors.

Here are some highlights:

* he used phrase "beautiful easy compelling way" but in current situation with Windows Mobile it hardly applies (still no finger based navigation and no fluid transitions in Windows Mobile)
* he underlined "software+service" idea that Microsoft brings and enables operators (like Telstra) to use high-bandwidth
* generally he mentioned 3 main areas of Microsoft's operations with Telstra (and probably also with other carriers):
o mobile services and devices (including a mention of custom Telstra user interface on top of Windows Mobile; covering also cloud synchronization in Live services probably)
o hosted business software (Exchange Server, Sharepoint Server, Office Communication Server, Live Meeting, etc)
o unified communications
* during Q&A session:
o he was predicting the future "10 years from now" and talking about touch big-screen displays, high-definition video streaming over Internet
o question was asked "what can we expect from Windows Mobile in next 12 months?", and he mentioned:
+ also some good work is done by Microsoft (heh? he did not mention any specifics)
+ mentioned that Windows Mobile sold 20 million devices
+ Windows Mobile 6.5 mentioned for next year
+ Windows Mobile 7 menioned without any release date (could be 2010 Huh)
+ did NOT answer the question at all but just was talking in general terms (no promise of multi-touch support, nothing specific)
o belittled Google Android by saying that it is just their first phone, and that Google is just starting, and was laughing out Google, in belittling way, that their Google Android has no business model [what might not be true as Google has revenues from ads on search results and from the application store - even though the Google Android itself is free]

See also video and audio recordings of sessions, including the one with Steve Ballmer (click on the live webcast).

Conclusion: while Microsoft is pushing its servers (each worth tens of thousands of dollars) and its services to mobile operators, Windows Mobile still seems to play tertiary role... We find it strange to belittle a competitor (here: Google) that is indeed yet behind, that is just starting (first phone launched just last month), but let us remember that Apple iPhone was also behind Windows Mobile when it was starting merely 1.5 years ago but now is selling more phones than Windows Mobile. At least it is good to hear that Steve Ballmer mentioned Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 - thus confirming former leaks by Motorola. There is some progress out there at Microsoft in Windows Mobile area, but nothing of it has been released yet (we expect official launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 at Mobile World Congress 2009 in February 2009 and official launch of Windows Mobile 7 at the same event in 2010).

Source: m s m o b i l e s . c o m /news.php/7784.html


james, 11 Nov 2008what phone is he holding?it-s a 8800 saphire:))

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i am dancig...

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not matter how much they sup up the look, WinMo still falls short on the convince side, all the manufacturers have done a great job in making more fun to use like Touch Flo 3D, Touch Wiz...etc, epically the black HTC Theme...thats great but overall WinMo's really kinda boring to use, it needs a rework on the design side and not just a new theme.

  • james

what phone is he holding?

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Anonymous, 10 Nov 2008let me say what has to be said............. ANDROID AND IPH... moreyeah... in your dreams pal!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2008the reason so many individuals and institutions use M$ is t... moreI lol'd...

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Anonymous, 10 Nov 2008let me say what has to be said............. ANDROID AND IPH... morechill

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boybawang, 10 Nov 2008why does Balmer have to look EVIL in every picture? or... is he??I agree with that...haha...

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Anonymous, 10 Nov 2008let me say what has to be said............. ANDROID AND IPH... moreAndroid yes iPoney NO! NO! Symbian rulez!

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Anonymous, 10 Nov 2008And why o why would nokia start buiding desktop os?? this ... moreIMHO I think the desktop will be around for a much longer time than you may reckon. First of all phones have tiny screens and keyboards as compared to computers. The laptop is the one that's growing fast in to extinction because smartphones are now bridging the gap between the PC(office) and the mobile phone in terms of communication. I think when the cellphone entered the market a lot of people like you thought that was the end of fixed line phones but they are still operating effectively to this day. So desktops might be around for the next 20 years especially because students are still learning IT based on them. There's still a long way to go for the PC to fade out bro!

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Xpeia X1 is hungry she need this :D

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WinMo has come a long way and is finally pretty darn good. It's great to see a real competitor to Symbian - competition is good.

I'm guessing most won't agree with me but I personally am a lot more excited about 6.5 than 7.0 IF the release numbers define the relese scope. That means 6.5 is a stabilization release with mostly fixes, performance improvements and minor enhancements, not brand new features.

As for people complaining about Window and spewing the Apple kool-aid, hope you have more of a life than doing this and are capable of thought beyond what the very capable marketing machinery from Apple plants in your 1-bit brains. I like Apple and I think iPhone did the industry a great favor by shaking things up a little. It also lit a bigger fire under WinMo and Symbian's butts just as it did HTC, Samsung, Nokia, etc... They've all jumped and matched Apple in some ways, exceeded in others and are still catching up in a few. Bottomline is, there is no clear lead and they continue to jump ahead of each other which is exactly what I, as a consumer, want to see.

As for desktop operating systems, get a clue. I lived through the UNIX battles, the evolution of DOS, Windows, OS2, more Windows, more UNIX, etc... It's the users and always will be. Why do some drivers put a 911 GT3 in the ditch accelerating on a straight while others can floor it through double-s curves? Clue - it's not the car.

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DeJust, 10 Nov 2008I just think you're one of the 'few' people who are brainwa... moreAnd why o why would nokia start buiding desktop os??
this would be so backward. (1980's style)
the mobile market is the future don't you get it?
all destop os's are migrating towards mobile because that's the machine that is on your body 24-7
with internet entrance , intuive control and enough processing power to cater to the noobs needs (pron, pictures, games and calling messaging etc)

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the reason so many individuals and institutions use M$ is that it comes pre-installed on many machine.
this has to do with pre 21th century econommic tactics that google will eventually overcome.

Apple will stay marginally in the desktop world, (but will blow the mobile market)
Google and Linux will become big players in desktop land

and eventually microsoft will fade out , and steve-o will be screaming once more...

  • DeJust

Mustafa, 10 Nov 2008"Real OS's" that run on computers? Come on man! Sometimes i... moreI just think you're one of the 'few' people who are brainwashed about Apple, as 'the best OS', and for Symbian how long has it been on phones? It's long enough for them to start developing it on computers, they are just scared to take that risk. How long did it take Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to start building computers their own OS's respectively? I admit Apple is beautiful but there's a reason why so many institutions and individuals use Microsoft, much like Symbian being almost everybody's favourite on the mobile world. To Soulstorm and Ryo Jin, you are right guys. BTW does anyone remember the Big Test earlier this year where some guy took the three popular OS's for a three day hacking, and guess what? The Big Mac running its latest ultimate version, Leopard, was the first one to crash, followed by Windows Vista on the second day and Linux (Ubuntu) was still up and running on the third day without crashing at all. I think my friend Mustafa has some answers for this one. Keep posting homies! Big up!