Windows Mobile 6.5 confirmed, WinMo 7 still quite far away

10 Nov, 2008
Following the rumors that have been going around, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer "mentioned" that the yet unannounced Windows Mobile 6.5 OS is planned to arrive in 2009...

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  • DeJust

Mustafa, 10 Nov 2008"Real OS's" that run on computers? Come on man! Sometimes it's b... moreI just think you're one of the 'few' people who are brainwashed about Apple, as 'the best OS', and for Symbian how long has it been on phones? It's long enough for them to start developing it on computers, they are just scared to take that risk. How long did it take Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to start building computers their own OS's respectively? I admit Apple is beautiful but there's a reason why so many institutions and individuals use Microsoft, much like Symbian being almost everybody's favourite on the mobile world. To Soulstorm and Ryo Jin, you are right guys. BTW does anyone remember the Big Test earlier this year where some guy took the three popular OS's for a three day hacking, and guess what? The Big Mac running its latest ultimate version, Leopard, was the first one to crash, followed by Windows Vista on the second day and Linux (Ubuntu) was still up and running on the third day without crashing at all. I think my friend Mustafa has some answers for this one. Keep posting homies! Big up!

  • Anonymous

let me say what has to be said............. ANDROID AND IPHONE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

i can't wait for the Mobile World Congress that's gonna be in Barcelona at February 2009.

Remember the last one? most of the super high-end phones from SE and Nokia and Samsung were shown, apart from the 8mp phones the mobile world has become way too boring with updated news about the same stuff.

Man it took these companies 1 year to release their phones announced way back in FEB 08, i hope that don happen again

  • boybawang

why does Balmer have to look EVIL in every picture? or... is he??

  • Soulstorm

Windows is plagued with problems when stupid noobs that don`t even know where the on/off button is use it, probably like you.
I use Vista x64/Server 2008 configured as a workstation, and everything from Visual Studio 2008/ Borland C++ and a couple of other compilers/IDE work almost perfect (Sv2008), down to games/multimedia editing and apps (Vista x64), not to mention a secondary wmware machine. Uptime is about 27 days.
I used the Diamond from HTC and a TyNT 2 for a week and they worked perfect, only one restart was needed on the TyNT 2.

So the botom line is, if you have a IQ smaller then 2 digits don`t get Windows or Windows Mobile, i`ts not for you, get a MAC/Iphone, made for stupid people (tm).

  • Ryo Jin

DeJust, 10 Nov 2008I'm waiting eagerly for that release especially the new phones t... moreYes, Windows Mobile still promising OS for 2009.
Can't wait for the next generation of HTC Touch, Samsung Omnia, Motorola Q Series, Sony Ericsson Xperia(but rumour said that the next generation of Xperia isn't WinMo).
Or some fresh pocket PC from LG(or maybe the KS20 successor), MWg(O2), i-Mate, Asus, HP, etc.

  • meimei

I have a sneaking suspicion that the original plan was to release WM7 after 6.1, but they ran into development problems so they will now be forced to release 6.5 because of the intense competition from Google . WM7 is on its way to becoming the next Vista with its constant delays and development problems.

  • Anonymous

Surely with the problems with emails on stmp servers and Windows 6.1 the updated version cannot come soon enough, the least they could do is say when!!!

  • Mustafa

"Real OS's" that run on computers? Come on man! Sometimes it's better to start off small. Windows is plagued with problems on the PC, and it's even worse on cell phones. It's laggy, buggy, slow, and flat-out just refuses to work sometimes. I can't even count the number of times I needed to restart my computer because of how bad windows mobile is. Your logic that symbian isn't as good or worse than windows mobile because they don't have a PC OS is flawed, not to mention retarded. It's like saying a perfect delicious hamburger someone makes isn't good because they don't make filet mignon. What, does that make a chef who makes crappy filet mignon AND crappy burgers better at making burgers? Windows mobile is and always will be garbage until they fix all of their problems. Android is amazing, anyone who uses it will tell you the same.

  • DeJust

I'm waiting eagerly for that release especially the new phones that will run on WinMo 6.5 by HTC, Samsung, SE, LG, Motorola and Palm. I really wanna see them improved to be better than Symbian, Apple, BlackBerry, Palm OS and the new Android just because we use Windows more than the other OS's on our computers, and Linux should junp on the mobile bandwagon alone and stop merging with other companies like Motorola and lately Google. I think Symbian, RIM and the new 'baby' Android should try to build "real" OS's that run on computers as well and stop playing it easy on the mobile platform.

  • Sudip

That picture is either really funny or disgusting .

  • jdanz

take your time, just make sure when you release the winmo 7, it need to be worth of waiting.... Thanks...1

  • edgar

No Windows mobile 7 until 2010!! then first lets wait what windows mobile 6.5 will bring