Nokia 5800 XpressMusic starts shipping, piggy banks beware

27 Nov, 2008
It's here folks - the first S60 fully touch-operated device has finally hit the shelves. Nokia kept up to their promise and released the handset before the end of November. Unluckily the price of the Nokia 5800...

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  • Anonymous

waw the prize is really high... now im thinking of buying this or xperia... plz help me guyz... consider that i have already i-touch... what should i buy???...

  • Anonymous

not the phone expansive is the online store sale at a high price sales at 559.99$

  • ek2008

If you guys would check some of the blogs, it says that each country is bundling the phone with different services, driving the price up. This should end by the beginning of 2009. As for the resellers, they r taking advantage of the hype and if ur a smart shopper, you will wait until the worldwide release when prices will be lower.

  • Edemilson Lima

The Nokia 5800 more expensive than a SE XPeria??? No way! These shops are going crazy... At least CTI Miami have a reasonable price. Anybody here, please buy one there and send it to me before is too late! :-(

  • Anonymous

i think that nokia is not that good cause there phones look liek tutti and are tutti plain and simple

  • Anonymous

wait for Nseries Touch screen and get N95 or N85 or N79 or N82 rite now, all are great phones are around same price

  • HI

LOL i love this phone,i always remember seening it in a movie which it looked really cool (THE DARK NIGHT) if you have watched this move then you would see the NOKIA 5800

  • EB

whaaat?? 700??? they are crazy!? or what? i thought to buy the phone but...i will never but never give 700 euros for this phone! they sayed around 280e!! wtf? nokia u go down! samsung rulez!

  • d[-_-]b

Stop whinging about the price. Jeez anyone would think that decent phones are scheap now a days.

You pay for quality and Nokia is top quality compared to most phones.

  • dan_musica

However the price, it's too expensive. I thought it's below $400...

  • Anonymous

The price will go down, that's for sure. To expensive for now, come on Nokia don't be cheap a s s!

  • maputo

cant wait to get my hands on this fone.been waiting.

  • nikolat

Good job Nokia. You say 280 euros and throw 700 at us.

  • Anonymous

the phone will be out in UAE on 15th of December n its expected price is around 3000 to 4000 dhs!!!

n for this price i guess HTC or Sony Xperia X1 is much better!

  • Dan

Im not sure where gsmarena got that ridiculous price from. The price range i have seen is 300-450 euros depending on region and date of release. The price should be stable by early 2009.
However, it is true that the retailers are really taking advantage of consumers by hiking the prices enormously and making nokia look bad in the process.

  • Martin

How is that price even possible?? I have this phone pre booked at a retail shop here in Sweden for 420 euros including taxes without contract, just the phone. Ridicilous prising rumor on this site.

  • ... again

oh, and thats with a 22% VAT.

  • ...

I'm buying it for 350. If you're stupid enough to pay 900$, then be my quest.

  • Milciades

hello here in Ciudad del Este - Paraguay 5800 that the $ 600, for $ 550 and you take the SE C905, these are mad for nokia ..

  • krlosRD

There most be something wrong. I saw this phone on phonesource for US$579.95 + shipping... on selectGSM on US$949.98 + shipping...