Nokia owns 90% the Windows Phone market

18 October, 2013
Nokia has shipped nearly 90% of all existing Windows Phone 8 handsets worldwide.

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  • AnonD-81483

and WP owns 1% of the smartphone market

  • AnonD-27976

at least it leads something

  • AnonD-27765

AnonD-167217, 18 Oct 2013This was your question-" Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 size phone... moreNo one is even buying Galaxy Mega 6.3 with Android. What makes you think people will prefer a WP8 version of that to 1520?

  • Anthony

90% but that is only 3% of the market = low numbers. Nokia should throw a quality android into the mix. The 3% would grow. Use the HTC 8X body and put an android into it. Grow - Win

  • Anonymous

Nobody can compete with Nokia when using same OS. They make all around best hardware and great software support.

  • Anonymous

90% means nothing. cause Nokia is in worst shape.
i live in Bandung, Indonesia.
there used to be dozen of Nokia official stores here,
but now, only few remains.
and those that remains are not in good shape either.
it's always quiet and barely has customers.
people just walk through it and not give a damn anymore.
i feel sorry for the salesmen / saleswomen, they're trying hard to sell the products but nobody cares anymore.
poor nokia...

  • balabak

just buy apple ...

  • Anonymous

ferris, 19 Oct 2013Microsoft is finished. Nothing good come out of it lately. Win 8... moremicrosoft is finish ? yet microsoft still owns almost 80% + of the market with their xp's vista and 8? you think if people would not like the 8 they would jump to linux or mac? no , they would jump back to windows 7 which is also a Microsoft

  • peter.yu

AnonD-196285, 18 Oct 2013Apple is also the sole manufacturer of iPhones. 100% since the i... moretypo, meant to say nokia will have 100%, no one else will make wp, if ms able to takeover nok

  • Lumia

920 is WP8 device and not WP7

  • Anonymous

ad, 18 Oct 2013well, are you sure Apple is a large manufacturer? Apple outsources all their iphone manufacturing.

  • Anonymous

BoB, 18 Oct 2013actually Nokia now = Microsoft. Microsoft acquired Nokia. no bob, the shareholders have yet to approve.­as+extraordinary+general+meeting+relocated+to+he­lsinki+ice+hall%3b+notice+of+an+extraordinary+ge­neral+meeting/8772614.html

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2013Then you would know that there was more demand for the Ativ than... moreHow did you know that 80% of the consumers waiting for Nokia would just switch to Samsung?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2013This a no brainer news. Come on. Of course they ship that much b... moreExactly. But most the lemmings won't catch that.

  • Anonymous

"HTC, Samsung and Huawei are the only other manufactures to try their luck with Windows Phone 8, but given all the exposure Nokia's WP range is getting, the Asian manufacturers stood little chance of succeeding."

Really gsmarena? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, the fact that all the other manufacturers have Android options while Nokia does not might have something to do with it?

If Nokia sold an Android model along side the same phone fitted with WP8 the results would be the same as HTC, Samsung and Huawei.

It's WP that's failing. Based upon the comments I've read on gsmarena forums over the past year and my personal experience, the majority of people love Nokia hardware but don't like WP os.

  • ferris

Microsoft is finished. Nothing good come out of it lately. Win 8.1 still confusing, WP81 is still limited. RT & Xbox One have bleak future. And Ballmer will resign in near future. Oh my, talking about worst timing.
And Nokia will probably go down with MS.

If MS want more success with WP8, there's couple of thing they can do:

- Port some best-selling AAA games from Xbox to WP8, like Halo, Gear of War, exclusive to WP only. That's what Sony did with PSP, ported some PS2/PS3 games, it really helps sell PSP a lot.

- Lure developer from Vita/3DS into WP8. Game developer have doubt with future of Vita/3DS in regards of emerging smartphone, but they also concern with piracy level in smartphone. WP still have the lowest piracy rate to date. If MS can guarantee a secure and consistent platform for gaming in WP, I'm sure many developer will jump from Vita/3DS to WP.

  • Anonymous

RB, 19 Oct 2013Lol. It's like being king of the short bus.Sadly!

  • AnonD-167217

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2013You sound like you are in so much pain! You really do have issue... moreAre you on drugs,did you even read the whole comment......and what i was replying to......

  • RB

Lol. It's like being king of the short bus.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-167217, 19 Oct 2013" If Samsung comes up with a 6.3" screen galaxy runnin... moreYou sound like you are in so much pain! You really do have issues. I guess you dont really have as much experience with both OSes and probably dont even own Nokia phones to know their product quality history.

Well its ok. We all have our different opinions and manners!