Google releasing an unlocked G1 for developers at $399

08 Dec, 2008
As of now developers can get a fully SIM-unlocked T-Mobile G1 with unlocked bootloader that allows flashing of custom Android builds. Called the Android Dev Phone 1, the special device will be...

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  • seeyah

prova, 16 Dec 2008it will be nice one,slick n handy.its really nice

  • Rachel

este celular e simplesmente lindo

  • prova

it will be nice one,slick n handy.

  • bratinela

nice one..

  • d[-_-]b

Jeezus... First of all people, it does have a camera! Not a flahy camera with the best specs (no pun intended) but a decent one. If you want a super wow camera, get a C905 or Renoir.

This phone isnt intended for public use (well it is, but not for stupid people if you know what i mean...) It's really for those who want to develop programs or even create a better version of the Android OS. For those of you who are really silly enough to say it's crap are really not all there upstairs...

It's a good phone, not a great phone, not a crap phone. It's good.

  • Anonymous

Ok ppl we understand that u think the phone is ugly can ppl please stop repeating this. I own the phone and it is a great device

  • philly

ramu mantri, 12 Dec 2008can somebody guide me where i can purchase this g1 mobile T-mobile

  • ramu mantri

can somebody guide me where i can purchase this g1 mobile

  • Anonymous

Straight from the Android Dev Phone site:

Run and debug your Android™ applications directly on a device. Modify and rebuild the Android operating system, and flash it onto a phone. The Android Dev Phone 1 is carrier independent, and available for purchase by any developer registered with Android Market™.

Development Platform Features

* SIM unlocked - Put any SIM in the device
* Hardware unlocked - Rebuild the Android operating system, and load it onto the device
* Test out your apps on real hardware before publishing them to the world

Software Features

* Real web browsing
* Customizable home screen
* One-touch Google™ Search
* Android Market
* Full-featured Google applications:
o Google Maps™
o Gmail™
o YouTube™
o Google Calendar™
o Google Talk™
* SMS and MMS
* Music player

Hardware Features

* Touch screen
* Trackball
* 3.2 Megapixel camera with auto focus
* Wi-Fi
* Bluetooth v2.0
o Handsfree profile v1.5
o Headset profile v1.0
* 3G WCDMA (1700/2100 MHz)
* Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
* GPS-enabled
* QWERTY slider keyboard
* Includes 1GB MicroSD card (Can be replaced with up to 16GB card)
* Included in the box
o HTC Android Dev Phone 1
o USB Cable
o AC Adapter (with US plug)
o Stereo Hands-Free Headset
o Battery
o Getting Starting Guide
o 1G Micro SD Card (inserted into Device)

  • Anonymous

It has a camera you can see it in the picture. If you think it doesn't have a camera then you are blind and dumb.

  • Anonymous

903, 10 Dec 2008thats in the u.s though you guys are like still in the 90's with... morecompare uk tech with our japanese gadgets u still haven't reached 90's... not even close.
Android's going to be interesting, it wud be a developing tool for programmers

  • Advait

SE joins the ANDROID club so just watchout this space in future...

  • 903

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2008The phone sold 1.5 MILLION presales before it even launched in t... morethats in the u.s though you guys are like still in the 90's with ure phones compared to uk were the phone undersold

  • akash

its a masterpiece......

  • d[-_-]b

I think this is great news for those who genuinely want to help create new parts of the Android OS, and I'm damn sure I am gonna be one of them.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The phone sold 1.5 MILLION presales before it even launched in the US. Sales are fine.

  • Anonymous

Someone says no camera, someone else says there is a camera. I see the picture and piece of plastic where camera should be. Looks no camera. Maybe this is just demo?

  • Be serious

Dani, 08 Dec 2008It is a great phone, worth every penny! worth buying!Are you serious? You don't even have the phone and you're saying it's great. 1 it's ugly, 2 the software is ugly at the moment too. From a development perspective.. I don't think it's actually worth almost $400 to then spend man hours to make a few sales, as noone has the phone or will buy it (if they have any sense) - at least not until you can put the software on other devices, but, if i had the skills to develop a few things.. yeah, i'd do it. And if i had a phone like HTC Touch HD, i'd actually pay to download Android onto the phone too, but would i even consider buying the G1. Be serious.

  • anyone

dani you probebaly should stick with your crap SE phones and not to get in this relam cause this is going way better than java based SE

  • pretty

how i wish i can have aphone even if its not colored