World’s first software unlock of iPhone 3G caught on video

22 Dec, 2008
The hard working guys over at the iPhone Dev-Team have finally did it - the software unlock for the iPhone 3G is ready and will be made public on New Year's Eve. And best of all, it will be free as usual. To prove...

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  • David

haha, apple is a joke, my friend brought the Apple HD TV, and it plays basically no movie formats properly nor does it have hdmi support, and it's supposed to be HD. Once he almost wanted to throw the damn thing out the window when it wouldn't even play a divx file. Now he just uses it for music for the itune store, nothing more. And the Apple Macbook Air is another modern disaster along with the iphone. The Iphone put a good internet browser but don't even have basic support for flash content, which is like 75% of the internet modern viewing.­re=related

I hope Apple fires alla their retarder software developers and hire som people that is actually in sync with modern technology. Anybody can make an obese overgrown mp3 player, it's the other stuff that's important.

  • Zohaib

Hey you Iphone lovers out there i would like you to see two interesting and short apple movies located at youtube.
Search for Mac book Air parody and Iphone parody.

For all those people who are reading this nokia & all other brands Vs Iphone war and are getting confused they must also watch video to see that Iphone is lacking rudimentary features and charging $$$ for an eye candy

  • David

Are you kidding me? Iphone and Iphone 3G has together sold a total of like 10 million units worldwide since it's first release. Do you wanna know how many units Nokia has sold in only in 2008 up till Aug, 237 million units, and 438 million units in 2007 when Iphone came out. Get real, stop dreaming, Iphone is never ever gonna pass Nokia, even thinking of it is a fantasy. As soon as they get the touch interface working properly with Symbian they will make breakfast out of all competition, the N97 is just a stoneage prototype for testing. The real deal is coming. Next to everybody uses Nokia in Europe, iPhone is very rare to see in someones hand here. Apple is not even in the top 15 or something.

  • The Lord

David, 24 Dec 2008To end it off, i want to inform you that Nokia sold their One Bi... more @David - How long is Nokia in the business? And how long is Apple? So, your point is stupid!
The relevant numbers that can be compared are the sale numbers for the same category as iPhone from the same date as the iPhone has been released. And by those numbers Apple is way ahead of Nokia.. You can find the article about it here at the GSMArena.

  • Discojin

I am Not comparing Nokia with Iphone. But I Can Say Only that I am using Iphone for Last 8 Months, and by every passing day, My Love for Iphone is increasing. Iphone has every thing. You can upgrade and whatever you need you can find.
In Short, I can Say only that Iphone is 10 Years more Advance than Nokia and Other Phones.
I support Iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

The Lord, 24 Dec 2008@David – From where did you get that I said iPhone will pass Nok... moreTo end it off, i want to inform you that Nokia sold their One Billionth phone this year, yes, you heard right, One Billionth phone! The world has 6.7 billion people, and 55% of them will never be able to afford a phone, so you do the math on market share and total dominance. Samsung, Ericsson, LG and Apple pushing Nokia back in the market, don't make me laugh. You don't even realized that you are pitching four different companies as one against Nokia alone, and even that's just a dirt in Nokia nails.

  • David

The Lord, 24 Dec 2008@David – From where did you get that I said iPhone will pass Nok... moreIn what way is Ericsson, Samsung and LG phoens better. Ericsson innovation and profit is going downwards for 3 years now stuck with their 3mp walkman phones in 100 varities. Samsung bowed down and was very humble when they asked Nokia for their superior Symbian opperating system, and is now paying major software licence money to Nokia for every new nokia software symbian phone that the Koreans releases. LG is the biggest halfbreed cellphone maker on the planet. Their phones don't stand for anything particular, they are just sort of you know, strolling around, nothing else. 1 out of 100 people that i know probably has the Viewty, no more. Nokia are market geniuses. For example, they recently announced the N96 Bruce Lee edition for the chinese market, alot of people might laugh, but they don't care, cause it's not for the Europena och American market. Bruce Lee is an icon and national hero in China, so that's the market plan. There is per-order status of the N96 Bruce Lee edition in China for 40 million units already of which 90% are on long time contracts. These are the kind of stuff that makes Nokia superior. They have phones for every class of society. When i have been to third world countries, the working underclass poor people uses cheaper Nokias and the executives uses smartphone symbian Nokias. The iphone users are a very limited group of people all over the world. Nokia knows what the are doing and what to release, so ther is a reason why they are the top of the foodchain. Samsung and Ericsson has benn trying to match Nokia for 5 years now, and evertime they sell something, Nokia sells 100 times more for some reason. Yet to date the Nokia 1100 model has sold over 240 million units alone, which is 140 million units more then the second best selling phone of all time, the Motorola Razr which sold 100 million units. You can not beat number like that. Ericsson, Samsung and Lg can just dream, nothing else.

  • The Lord

David, 23 Dec 2008And by the way, you said that the next iPhone will be feature pa... more@David – From where did you get that I said iPhone will pass Nokia? I did not say that. Nokia is making phones for many years now, they have many models while Apple has one phone all together. So passing Nokia by Apple is impossible right now. I did say that Nokia will loose its market share if does not improve and I mean it. Samsung, SE, LG they all have much better phones than Nokia. All of them plus Apple can affect Nokia market share.
But, you wont listen anyway.. you are a Nokia fanboy.

  • Aleksandar

I agree with you it will be very hard iPhone to pass Nokia very very hard they can have a sanse but if they put somethings more on the new phones but in the new iPhone they just put 3G nothing more plus it with 3G battery is lowing very fast... It is not good... Nokia is simply the best...

  • David

The Lord, 23 Dec 2008I am sure that they will do that soon. Sadly the rules of busine... moreAnd by the way, you said that the next iPhone will be feature packed and pass Nokia. How do you know that? Did the Apple management call you personally and tell you that? Apple waited a whole year, released i thousands rumors of their new phone, and what did they do? They released the exact same crap, but added 3G and made the exterior a bit thicker. Wow, innovation reaches it's peak with the new iPhone, all they did was add 3G. When you say that the next iPhone is gonna pass Nokia, it makes me think how smart you actually are. Iphones global market share is just a little dirt under Nokia global market nails, nothing more. Nokia don't release halfbreeds like Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Even if the competitors are ahead sometimes, Nokia waits on purpose just to release a perfect product. The N73 symbian phone kicked all the 3mp phones to the curve when it came out, and yhet repeated the procedure with the N95 and the N82. Now watch and see Nokie release a perfect 8 mp symbian smartphone and kick everbody to the curve again. Nokia never hurries and release products to join some halfbreed mp race or something else. They release finished killer products and top record sales everytime they do it.

  • David

The Lord, 23 Dec 2008I am sure that they will do that soon. Sadly the rules of busine... moreWhat are you talking about? Are u drunk? In case you haven't noticed, Nokia is the only company showing heavy profit in 2007-2008, with a very strong rocketing stock market position and alone having more shares of the world market then all the other top handset makers put together. Who cares about touchscreen on that toy from Apple that my 12 year old little brother has. My Nokia E66 beats the living daylights out of that overgrown obese MP3 player in every aspect. But ok, you are right and 50% of the worlds cell phone users are wrong, let's leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

The Lord, 23 Dec 2008No matter what you say the iPhone IS THE REFFERENCE device today... moreI do not agree with you.. I am using two phones, BB 8310 and N95, but I still bought Iphone (not the 3G one), which basically replaced my N95.

I enjoyed pretty much the iphone, graphics, etc., but actually it is not a very fast phone - getting to calendar, or to sms or even contacts does not come so quick, as I would like to prefer. So, as soon as I get used to the userface (which is excellent, I admit), I start to miss the N95, a phone which I like very much and am used to operating it very quickly.

So now I am back with my N95 and BB, and keep iphone as a phone only for the weekends, when I am not having business engagements. Or, I use iphone only for getting to internet on wifi spots, as for this iphone is unbeatable indeed.

But, overall, I cannot use iphone as a primary phone, and I do not think anyone with a busy everyday social life, with a lot of calls, meetings, heavy schedule, etc will be able to use it as such.

  • Flag

The Lord, 23 Dec 2008No matter what you say the iPhone IS THE REFFERENCE device today... moreu are right wat u say about the iphone yet the standard of the iphone is dropping once it was full steel but no more imagin what it'll have 2 gave up 2 have full specs it's looks n it's ui as u know it

  • HHH

no fun to buy this

  • ibbe

nice try dev team........ keep up the good work.....

  • nicksti

I owned an iPhone and sold it. I do miss the UI but I do not miss the terrible multimedia limitations.

The iPhone is a good convergent device but I always wondered which segment of the market the iPhone really captures. It does not beat a Blackberry in the business segment and it probably does not beat the E series Nokias either. In the multimedia segment the poor camera and bluetooth limitations make me question if it even beats the most modest Walkman phone.

When it all comes down to it the iphone has a nice look and feel and I guess that is all the consumer needs. I am glad it came out because at the time I was looking the only phone that was in that mold was the Motorola ROKR E6.

  • dougie

It's not that Apple products are the best, it's just that Apple seems to know what "average" customers really want.

To say the truth, who cares much about MMS when you can take a photo and send it via email? When was the list time you sent a movie clip via MMS?

Success of iPhone surely proves that features such as advanced bluetooth profiles, MMS capability, copy & paste functions are not the features "average" users use much. What users most seem to care about are design, UI, and the "fun factor."

I recon Apple guys are very clever.... otherwise iPhone wouldn't have succeeded this much.

I recon Apple guys are clever...

  • Anonymous

therock, 22 Dec 2008Iphone superior?? features?...the fast connec... moreWhy do you talk about features? iPhone is the best in the hardware, the design and especially the interface...

  • Billy

Where i can buy your software ?
come on boy...

  • i know my stuff

this unlock will save a lot of money for European users,who until now had to pay for that hardware unlock.And i think Samsung Omnia is much better than the iphone,check the specs and you'll see.i'm glad that the iphone forced other manufactureres to market the phones they had developed years ago.