Apple relaunching 8GB iPhone 4 in India to boost sales

14 January, 2014
Apple hopes to gain back some market share from cheaper rivals by relaunching the popular iPhone 4.

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  • prakash

everyone should buy the phones according to their own needs .about iphone 4 i will say just dont buy it . you will be definitly dissatified with its function.

  • kartik

Hey any buddy have ideas how we can book..iphone 4

  • Mathan

It's looses apple brand name bcoz jst 15k mns every body buy definitely its nt wrk....

  • Anonymous

Subhranta Mishra, 26 Jan 2014Plz can any one tell me when dis model of iphone is going to lun... moreit will be launch at june

  • Subhranta Mishra

Plz can any one tell me when dis model of iphone is going to lunch????????


  • Anonymous

Ram , 18 Jan 2014Apple is coming with the real price in India. I phone 4 actual p... moreWhen you compare similarly priced and even cheaper Droids that offer much more I really do not see it as well priced. Especially considering not just how low specced and everything it is, but as well as how old it is.

  • Ram

Apple is coming with the real price in India. I phone 4 actual price is rs 15k . Apple is selling all phones overpriced .Even 5s should be half of the recent price because it has no waw features like Samsung . Apple still use old ips lcd screen like micromax but price is unreasonable. A7 processor used in 5s is made by Samsung but price is why more expensive than Samsung high end phones ? while specifications are far better in Samsung even micromax , colors in every aspect such as screen , ppi density , ram, processor, camera , technology, innovations etc. Why apple don't has Super amoled screen while Samsung used for 5 years. But it is good news about 15k phone in the market .

  • amar pratap

apple i phone 4 relaunched in india ..with low memory,low processor and the camera not good enough provide these specifications nearly at 6 or 7 k ..... so definetly the relaunching of iphone 4 not working in indian market .... i am one of the user of samsung i got full features at just rs 29 k note one is fool here to buy this cheap low specification mobile infront of samsung...

  • rakesh ahuja

Pls confirm when it launching

  • rohit

iphone 4 can support but it really hang alot so it is better not to use ios 7 in it

  • Braj Mishra

its a good decision to come back in Indian market & sales promotion but buy back scheme can beat the desired result.

  • Shiva

Very nice

  • Anonymous

yes iphone 4 support ios7.

  • Raul

Wat apple is thinking, india is a country were the can dump all there cheap shits, just becoz of brandname. that ship has sailed, even new i phones are already strugling with androids which gives value for money. then what they are expecting to sell i phone 4..

  • winD

Whether ios7 runs on i4?

  • Anonymous

Very good. Go for it. As soon as pissible.

  • AnonD-132273

technoguy, 15 Jan 2014Hi all, please for the gods sake stop writing all this crap comm... moreHey apple did similar stunt when iPhone 3gs was discontinued around the world , it was tied with Aircel network. Now also same thing happening here , Apple is simply dumping unsold stock here, Rs.15k price is too much ,that to under buy back option. Finally iPhone 4 will not get any major software upgrades. That's the end of it . After one year nobody will even buy it in secondary market also.

  • Anonymous


  • boomshakalaka!

right... coz god forbid they reduce the price of THE CURRENT models to a more reasonable price.... after all people will lose respect for a company that sells a product for what its actually worth..-_-'

  • Dawm

Apple is not yet understanding the mobile market in india. With latest lumia and andriod mobiles with better spec, better memory and better speed available for 15K who would buy a iphone 4 with low memory of 8 GB and ios 7 which has made iphone 4 nothing more than a junk