Lenovo acquires Motorola Mobility from Google for $3 billion

29 January, 2014
As part of the deal, Google will keep the bulk of Motorola’s extensive patent portfolio.

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  • adam

Hello Novorola :)

  • richard

The problem with Motorola is marketing.

  • Xavier

It will be "Motorola by Lenovo", nice job by chinese company, good branding is key selling point.

  • bensonb

Motorola quality will be screwed now.

  • AnonD-2378

Birth of Mobile Phones. thats motorola. sorry to hear that they going sale it to 3rd claas chinees company.motorola had good concept good build qulity unlike other company.miss you moto!!!!


Hello Leno :-))

  • Abbas


  • AnonD-230388

AnonD-178450, 30 Jan 2014Google suffered at the hands of the phenomenon it help crea... moreGood saying bro. May I add "Only buy cheap android phone or pricey iphone, but never to useless high price android".

  • Beto

AnonD-153003, 30 Jan 2014Google is EVIL we should all agree thatUnfortunately I think they have to do this because of apple...

  • Beto

AnonD-58304, 30 Jan 2014lenovorola will be nicerI prefer Motonovo... :)

  • Jason Bourne

Hello Leno....

  • Anonymous

Apple copying again

When Google bought Motorola it acquired about 10000 patents. Now it's parting with 2,000 as part of the deal to sell it off. My maths is not great so correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that equate to almost $1.2 million per remaining patent? They must be REALLY good stuff!

  • Anonymous

I hope they bring back the old RAZR design style and get rid of the horrible Google style in the latest phones. RAZR m/i was IMO the best designed phone in existence. Hope they also bring some QWERTYs and SD card slots now that Google isn't demanding useful features to be removed.

  • DAN13L

AnonD-197751, 30 Jan 2014You know that it will still be an american company right? ... moreIsn't Lenovo the Chinese company the one that was going to build their Notebooks in the US?

  • DAN13L

lars, 30 Jan 2014as tribute to your love for motorola, please stay away from... moreI didn't like Samsung Back when they looked like cheap iPhones. I have the Galaxy S4 Google edition and i really like it. I will only buy Google edition phones, I hate touchwiz.

  • nkts

I thank Motrola for delaying MOTO G launch in India

  • Anonymous

Those US product lovers(Moto X) are actually got screwed up.. Google only told that it will be Made in US. Now also with 'Moto-maker' you can build it virtually from US.. Ha..Ha..ha..!

  • AnonD-197751

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2014So much for all the hype in the beginning. And so much ... moreYou know that it will still be an american company right?
They will remain in Chicago, assembling phones in Texas at least for the next two years.

  • Anonymous

What about the updates of Motorola phones?