Modu modular phone finally gets ready to rock'n'roll

11 Feb, 2009
You may remember the modular phone that impressed us at MWC 2008. Easily one of the most pleasant surprises of last year's event, the modular Modu phone now is just about to launch along with...

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  • AnonD-39166

The Guinness World Record's smallest phone in existence, recently. So small that it's very hard to get nowadays, like a needle in the haystack.

  • Pharmd964

Hello! bfebgdf interesting bfebgdf site!

  • Dr. Yusuf Al-Kindi

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2009Greed is going to destroy as all. Our world is based on consumpt... moreWhat have your comments on greed to do with a small modular cell

  • Jay

modu is now available to buy! You can get it from

  • anony

where are the damn buttons? 7-keys? good luck sending an SMS!

the "jackets" make the modu as big as any standard phone, so what's the point?

2.2hrs talk-time? no vibration mode without jacket. useless invention.

side note: hold the anti-semitic comments. it's the people who make decisions that are to blame, not the whole race. the ruling class of many nations are a disgrace, not jews alone.

  • History Lesson

spyros the greek, 14 Feb 2009Because you are a stupid. Before 1950 there werent any Israel. t... more1.) Israel was a country 3,000 years ago.
2.) The "Palestinian" leadership, Grand Mufti al-Husseini, collaborated with the Nazis during WW2 and helped plan the "Final Solution."
3.) Israel's current land mass is less than 1% of the entire Middle East. 99% of the land isn't enough for the "Palestinians" to live on?

  • spyros the greek

[deleted post]Because you are a stupid. Before 1950 there werent any Israel. there down there mere only one nation. The Palaistines. And now only 60 years then Palaistines HAVE NO LAND TO LIVE and the the israels talk about their country. Israel are the biggest criminal in history. Israel=Nazi

  • Red_Capitalist

its ugliest phone i see in my life!

  • Seems like a good ph

Israel is a leading hi-tech nation.
Let the Arabs blow themselves... This is the only thing they can do...

  • Anonymous

Bunch of ugly rubbish

  • squall

Really bad phones!

  • SE X1

if you buy this mobilephones ,you will give your money to biggest woman , childkiller's gang in the word­cfm­to-gallery-of-gazas-martyred-children/

  • Nayo

From_Hikaru_with, 12 Feb 2009I think Hikaru can beat all those 'jackets'. Because it incorpor... moreHi there,

first...Hikaru is going to be just another nothing special phone by SE.It's soooo far away from beeing revolucionary!

Second, the idea from Modu is good, but the shell's are ugly as hell.I don't understand people complaining about smartphones...even if you do use only 50% of your phone,you still have the other 50%,if you need something,you know it's there.All you have to do is to learn how to use it.
With this can only change the look,and maybe some funcs.

  • Ja3 Mik3

I actually like the modo designs and sole purpose of creating jackets to make your phone feel new again with diff jackets, every phone has a selling point, this is a great one to me for the average user every body doesnt need a data device

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  • LLS

Thes is the best mobilephone related idea in a long time.
Most users never use everything the phone has to offer, the companies put so many stuff in their phones. So why pay for it??
Here you buy the small standard Modu phone (prob with some subscription) and then you can just buy the jackets in electronicstores, and perhaps supermarkets, for like 10 or 20, and just pay for what you really need. The have just presented some of the jackets, there will be many more, last year they introduced other ideas for jackets. Get one for the design idea, one for when you are running and it fits on your arm, one for when you are at the beach with the friend and wanna hear good music loud, one for a night on the town, or just one that fits your every mood. Could it be more perfect?
Some might say its a new plan for making more money, but the jackets are mostly hollow, and will not cost that much. They wont make more money than Nokia that wants us to buy their expencive phones, and people never use 60% of them.
And in places where you are bound to an operator for two years, how perfect is it that you can get a new phone offent without having to pay for two subscription. No wonder Modu have won prizes!!
I really belive this to be the best mobilephone idea in this millenium!
Hopefully it will come to Denmark, otherwise, ill buy one in London the next time im there.

  • Anonymous

Sweet idea modu. Hmm if they can have different jackets that do different functions i would love to see a jacket for camera usage like really powerful 5MP camera usage. Otherwise this is a nice idea. Sure its a bit hard if you want em all in one go but it does work if your a bag traveller.(in other words if you are a guy and travel with some kind of bag)

  • panos

with one word CRAP!

  • Anonymous

any reason y i wud want this instead of other phones?
ok its small - which means more squinting at the tiny screen
u can put on dif jackets - so ur gna cary a phone and jackets for it, doesnt sound v portable, if u change ur jcket at home so u dont cary jackets, then ur limited to the jacket u hv chosen wen u go out. ppl r more likely to chose a music phone if they like music, so how is hvin several jackets gna help it compete against major phones manufacturers who hv been making music dedicated phones for yrs now. it wnt be a camera phone and its too small to be a smart phone.
ugly design on most of the jackets
its gna be launched during a recession by a company v few ppl hv heard of

  • John S.

Great Idea and great device too.
You don't need to waste money on expensive devices that you usually making 25% effort of its functions.
You'll have one device that have it all (music, calls Etc.) and for some features you can buy cheap "Jackets" for specific mission (that all 1-device-100-devices doing really bad...)

I believe it's a great idea, let's wait and see!

  • Spoky

All of you who wants to stop using Israeli products you can stop using computers (specially Intel ones) and stop using your phone answering service immediately, Oh and pull out your DiskOnKey's (SanDisk) cause your small in size big in GB memory cards are Israeli, made by the same guy who now introduces you to MoDu whether you like it or not .

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