EXCLUSIVE: here's why the HTC One 2014 has two cameras

11 March, 2014
The HTC One successor will have two cameras and thanks to a Telstra brochure now we know why.

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  • AnonD-243201

With dual cameras it can achieve effects similar to lytro camera(www.lytro.com) like fake 3d or focus on certain field and shallow depth of focus.

  • AnonD-110191

Alex, 11 Mar 2014Come on guys. If you want a good photo, buy a DSLR. There is no ... moreWell i do agree that DSLR cameras are top class if you want best picture. You cant write off some of the smartphones out there. Nokia 1020 for example and even the Z1. I have a Z1 and I take loads of pics. Print them and comes out great. One thing i will admit though is that you need REALLY good lighting to get the best out of these phones, but still. Some of these phones have come a long way compared to how they did those years back. Dont write off the top end smartphone cameras cause they do a very good job and yes i do know DSLR cameras are still on top, but like the phones i mentioned... they closing that gap and quite quickly i might ad.

  • stephen

Also, thus story is hardly an exclusive. You should probably look up what that word meams. I've read the same story from about 5 diffent news outlets that posted it before you.

  • stephen

I'm sorry, but can you clarify your position in the HTC Eco 3D other than that it "didn't work out great"? That was one of my favorite phones, the 3d pictures were amazing and I was sad when It was stolen and I had to move on to the next phone.

  • Ponka

With multilple shots of single lens camrea, jobs like super resolution, depth of field, ultra low light etc can be done at a full resolution. For example, LG G2 and G Pro 2 has super resolution feature by taking several shots with the single lens.
I wonder if dual camera does the job better. let us ssee how it works.

MF, 12 Mar 2014You want specific examples? Fine... N95, launched in 2007. I... moreHigh pixels, not big sensors. Having high pixels doesn't mean it will take good low light photos. You can have a pitch black of 13MP photo, but I will have a brightly lit 4MP photo with visible objects. My HTC One can can much better low light photos than my friend's iPhone5. And that's what we called innovation.

  • MF

AnonD-243134, 12 Mar 2014Can't agree more with JKTL. People are making too big deal of sm... moreYou have a problem with companies pushing the limits on technology?

  • that_guy

Bluismycat, 11 Mar 2014I suggest you try the 1020. That is a phone that has a cam, a GO... moreAgree with bot on the DSLR camera, but nokia 1020... Windoze phone... Not for everyone. Anyway that's indeed a good camera. Not like the one in Z1 that really dissapoints

  • AnonD-243134

Can't agree more with JKTL. People are making too big deal of smartphone camera, while all that's actually matter should be app performance, phone build, battery life, display quality, sound quality. No matter what kind of tricks HTC used, I doubt it's bokeh effect can compete with a real camera. It's totally a waste of time.

  • Spudly Mcgudly

Bluismycat, 11 Mar 2014I suggest you try the 1020. That is a phone that has a cam, a GO... more1020's camera better than a DSLR? Can you point me at one of those 'reviews'?

  • MF

AnonD-242927, 11 Mar 2014@MF "LMAO. Cameraphones had "Ultrapixels" longg... moreYou want specific examples? Fine...

N95, launched in 2007. Image sensor size 1/2.5". Resolution 5MP. The pixel size is bigger than HTC One's. But back then, Nokia was focused on image quality rather than thinking up silly marketing names.

There are plenty other examples... in fact even some old iPhone models had large pixels. Nobody made a big deal out of it until HTC cooked up a silly name and called it innovation. And the poor suckers bit... hook, line and sinker.

  • MF

AnonD-242927, 11 Mar 2014Clearly larger 'Pixel' was what was meant, not sensor. Gizmo... moreI clicked into the gizmodo article. According to the article (not that I necessarily agree) it is a tie between the 920 and HTC One in all categories except the HTC One has weaker flash. I don't see how this comparison says ANYTHING at all about alleged superiority of Ultrapixels.

  • AnonD-126679

That is AU$ not U$. It is a long way to ship to a smaller market, that affects the price (along with the Carrier's ability to negotiate).

Just look at the Trade-in Credit, do you think you will get U$400 for a year old Phone, you get half that in U$ / CAN$. Proof: Visit your Carrier's Site and check.

Like "Rumor", here is the rumor about the Camera and it's Computational Photography: http://www.corephotonics.com/computational-photo­graphy .

I think I can enjoy my M7 a few months (it still looks new because I do not toss it on the ground) and wait for the price drop but I and almost certain to get the M8 (unless fact comes out about why I would not wish to do so).

If only it could be more than 4MP then we can be happier, 6 to 8 would be nice. The Processor upgrade does not hurt either.

Indeed the Brochure could be fake as it leaves a lot of details out that a savvy buyer would want to know - maybe it is a 'leak Brochure' to stir things up. :)

Looking forward to a hands-on Review in two weeks !

  • Bluismycat

Alex, 11 Mar 2014Come on guys. If you want a good photo, buy a DSLR. There is no ... moreI suggest you try the 1020. That is a phone that has a cam, a GOOD cam in it. Many, MANY reviewers have stated it is as good if not better than a DSLR.

But in the end it really is about user preference and Alex, I have to agree with you. Are you serious about taking good, high quality prints?

Then get yourself a good DSLR.

  • Alex

Come on guys. If you want a good photo, buy a DSLR. There is no phone camera that can compete with even the cheapest DSLR. Take any photo from your phone and print it. You will see how bad it is.
Phone cams are good for FB and nothing more.

  • Anonymous

There is no way they would put the "M8" codename in an official(or soon to be official) ad. I call fake on this one.

  • Samsung Insider

El Johnny, 11 Mar 2014I have an HTC One and the 4 ultrapixel camera gives you 8mp qual... moreI don't like tiles as my homescreen, so no WP for this kid.

  • fadi

Just htc woow

  • AnonD-147044

I love that UI (statusbar). the symbols remind me so much of iOS, love that battery symbol.

  • LPam

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2014your very wrong!my very wrong?