EXCLUSIVE: here's why the HTC One 2014 has two cameras

11 March, 2014
The HTC One successor will have two cameras and thanks to a Telstra brochure now we know why.

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  • AnonD-159082

HTC battery life sucks and it take forever to charge. Better get Z2 way better than HTC.

  • Anonymous

Hey guys!can this phone shoot video in 4k resolution?

  • AnonD-237293

Jason, 11 Mar 2014Finaly some inovation from HTC?Finally? Did u hear about HTC One 2013 at all?

It was the epitome of innovation last year, it had rave reviews, won awards and was arguably the best all rounder of the year... It was way better than galaxy s4 and was on par with Sony Z another awesome phone...

Except for questionable camera quality it was awesome else where...

  • Anonymous

the aluminium space in the bottom is smaller than the upside? i dont like that.. or paralax mistake from my eye?

  • AnonD-31068

$840 for a phone unlocked from telstra is actually brilliant. Here in australia, proper outright models are about $100-$150 cheaper so going by this, the new htc one m8 could be $690 to $740

  • Micle Clark

This is a best evolution in mobile telephony....i really apreaciate this effort....

  • AnonD-158222

so it's cheaper then S5 and Z2, more beautifull, made of aluminium, nice features etc etc.. and people still "hate" HTC because Samsung said so?

  • Jason

Finaly some inovation from HTC?