EXCLUSIVE: here's why the HTC One 2014 has two cameras

11 March, 2014
The HTC One successor will have two cameras and thanks to a Telstra brochure now we know why.

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  • AnonD-242927

AnonD-32581, 11 Mar 2014Ultra pixels are a huge fail, and they give out a photo that loo... moreDSLRs don't NEED to go down the ultra pixel route! They have MASSIVE sensors and enormous optical lenses!
The ultra pixel is designed to make the best of the constraints forced by a very small form factor. It is the very definition of innovation. Comparing DSLRs with Camera phones is ridiculous - both have their uses in different situations. 'Horses for courses'.

  • Anonymous

Telstra outright prices are approx $100 to $120 (markup) from retail prices, so approx AUD price would be $729/$749 from the independent retailers like Mobileciti / Jb HI-FI, DICK SMITH, HARVEY NORMAN and Office Works (yes they are all retail shops in Australia) just to name a few..

As for by far and away with is the biggest population (99.3% for 3G850/2100 DC-HSPA+ / approx 85% 4G LTE 1800/2100/90O and 2.3 million km2 geographic network, most consistent for data speed / voice/SMS service its basically Telstra followed by Optus and last the woeful Vodafone which has to offer roaming to their customers over the 2nd best Optus Mobile network.

Australian mobile phone users were screwed over when Vodafone begged Three Mobile to merge ... Before that Three Mobile was awesome.

  • Mark

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2014Ultrapixel fail because everyone who uses cameraphone prints the... moreYeah, and he prints the photos poster-size :)

  • AnonD-242927

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2014Ultrapixel fail because everyone who uses cameraphone prints the... moreyeah right! "Everyone..prints their shots!" I think you will find that the vast majority of Cameraphone users do NOT print their photos. The majority will share via Facebook or instagram or browse them on their beautiful screens. In any case, if you get a regular 6"x4" or 7"x5" prints they will still look stunning. If i wanna take a picture and blow it up to a poster I will use a DSLR camera.
I think we will all have to wait and see what HTC deliver with the 2 lens system. Don't judge until you have seen the independent, objective reviews or used it yourself!

  • AnonD-234697

Looking forward to see the image quality....if its better than ultrapixel i will buy the phone

  • Psycorp

That lower bezel is huge. If they'd have made that bezel smaller and the screen bigger to fill the space then I'd be looking forward to it. Shame.

  • AnonD-32581

Ultra pixels are a huge fail, and they give out a photo that looks like it is from the 90s lol and besides if ultra pixels were so good DSLR would use them!

  • AnonD-39337

i think it's awkward
i prefer to have just one camera but with great quality
it is an innovation but i think it is a waste

  • Anonymous

Ultrapixel fail because everyone who uses cameraphone prints their shots

  • AnonD-242927

Jason, 11 Mar 2014Finaly some inovation from HTC?@Jason What planet have you been on? Did you see which phone won more international 'Best Phone' awards in 2013 that any other phone? Which phone was voted BEST PHONE in 2013 at the recent MWC event?
Why did it succeed? Because of lots of innovation. In design it's a clear winner across the board. The Boomsound innovation? Stereo, LOUD, high quality, Front-facing speakers which have to be heard to be believed. The Ultra-pixel camera - massively innovative - yes the jury is split about their success here, but if you purely judge the camera's success on your ability to zoom in on detail then it can never win. But if you want beautiful naturally exposed photos that are great for posting online, emailing easily and sharing with friends, then it's a great camera and hugely innovative. There were many other things too like the Zoes but they were quite hamstrung by the limited on-board storage of the original One which had no MicroSD support. With the 'ALL NEW HTC One' it looks like HTC have listened and included MicroSD support at last - hardly innovation but it will be great to have all that extra storage to be able to take lots of photos and videos using the new camera. I can't wait!

  • Ayda


Thanks The HTC technician, Is the first ? cusumuz is my.

or favorite HTC' the first time such a Mobiltelefon, the gospel comes to our dreams....

  • AnonD-209094

Well, that sounds great on paper, but then again thats what HTC like to do, lots of fancy names and not much real life value. I hope this is better than Ultrapixels, they cant afford more failures with useless gimmicky stuff now.

Amd as someone mentoned, charging time, the One was truly a nightmare to charge, it needed hours. First it could not last a day after an overnight charge and then it was so slow to charge that it was impossible to top it up during the day, it really had to be carried with a portable power bank almost constantly plugged in. Charging speeds better triple this time around.

  • Rodpe

Why a so big bezel, why?

  • nokiajunky

Rationality, 11 Mar 2014Still, it's all a waste of money, space, time and material if th... moreya ,,i agree, i too love 1020

  • AnonD-20358

The price is through the roof...
Congrats hTC, once again releasing a great device with a horrible price...

  • eMVy

AnonD-159082, 11 Mar 2014HTC battery life sucks and it take forever to charge. Better get... moreHow the F* do you know how this one is going to turn out.
you haven't tested it...so wait until it is tested, before u comment on something you don't know!!
I hate it when people make up shit the can not know!
its a new phone, so you can not compare it jet.

  • AnonD-114713

The Reason for Dual Camera looks valid for 3D images , but the reason I was assuming was, as cramming in more pixels in Ultra Pixels Camera is difficult coz of its size, they added a Normal Camera, which will Capture more details and will use some algorithm to merge both the captures and produce a image with more details and clarity

  • AnonD-224733

best overall flagship of 1H 2014: xperia Z2. next!

  • darthvader

Cool....HTC Rules

  • Rationality

Still, it's all a waste of money, space, time and material if the picture quality will not get better. Marketing gimmick at its best, with no actual engineering progress. Nokia lumia 1020 is the actual example to be taken in terms of image quality, with the 5MP shots. I hope HTC will bring us a better camera with this model, from the point of view of noise levels, sharpness, and color reproduction. Peace