EXCLUSIVE: here's why the HTC One 2014 has two cameras

11 March, 2014
The HTC One successor will have two cameras and thanks to a Telstra brochure now we know why.

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  • Samsung Insider

I'm more interested in camera resolution. If it's at least 8 MP then I'm fine.

And. The M8's achilles heel just might be that camera.

  • MF

AnonD-242927, 11 Mar 2014DSLRs don't NEED to go down the ultra pixel route! They hav... more"very definition of innovation"?????

LMAO. Cameraphones had "Ultrapixels" longggg ago, even before the iPhone came out. HTC's innovation is in giving a sh!tty idea a fancy marketing name.

  • Anonymous

I've read a comment from someone yesterday (can't remember where) that the second sensor is in fact a IR sensor and combined with main sensor will do magic in dark scenes. Could it be that?

  • AnonD-233508

I agree that the htc logo on the bottom is a waste of space. Why not turn the f****** HTC logo to function as a capacitive home button? Important buttons that android phones need are just home, back and menu. And NO multitasking should not be a button coz you can just long press home to access it. Dont be lazy to long press

  • Pas

I honestly prefer one camera with quality than two camera, please HTC, chill out.

  • Clinton

AnonD-242927, 11 Mar 2014yeah right! "Everyone..prints their shots!" I th... moreAm pretty sure he was being sarcastic in his.comment -_-

Cant wait for a mini version of it. 130mm pocket max friendly with a 4.7-5 screen. You can do it. Smarter use of real-estate. Same as One S sexy size but bigger screen. Here's hoping.

  • Renan Batista

I guess that we don´t have to wait this much time, till March 25th, to see everything about the HTC ONE M8. Cant wait to get this phone, although i already have a flagship like the G2 i still want the HTC M8.

  • mate

it sound great with the two camera performing to give best world feeling but price is more than expected..maybe they have more others features which cost so much than m7

  • AnonD-148522

Brother here the dicussion is about camera.
When it comes to camera, Everybody knows HTC One Ultrapixel is not par with S4, Xperia Z, or not even Lumia 720.

  • Funtograther

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2014Ultrapixel fail because everyone who uses cameraphone print... moreWonder where you got those stats from.....I've owned the S4 and HTC One and in many ways the one Camera was allot better specially with HDR. No matter what the resolution on the M8 is I will by it.

AnonD-109726, 11 Mar 2014I own a lumia 1020, and i can tell you the phone has huge i... moreAgree. And what I hate most is that such a powerful camera yet cannot even do proper macro shots. Really Nokia?! Instead, I need to place my phone quite far away from the object, then reframe it to act like it is a macro shot. :/

  • Antonio

AnonD-39337, 11 Mar 2014i think it's awkward i prefer to have just one camera but ... moreright, just marketing buff. And still no user replaceable battery, no microsd...

I don't really need 4MP bokeh effects or refocusing. Instead, I need a good low light capable camera which will at least be 13MP. Can we have something normal like that instead, HTC??

  • Paul

Still dont no the megapixel UP, I do hope it is not still 4 megapixel, the resulting image is just too small.

  • AnonD-109726

Rationality, 11 Mar 2014Still, it's all a waste of money, space, time and material ... moreI own a lumia 1020, and i can tell you the phone has huge issues with: 1. focusing in medium to low light - and yeah that does matter when you;re trying to take a familly/friends photo, 2. the time it takes to actually open the camera app, 3. Power consumption while taking photos, 4. Noise - although not as much as the htc one but seriously a ton of noise. And i would have other complaints but to the point: the lumia 1020 targets the enthusiast cameraphone photographer, not the average joe

  • cyber

second one is for spy shots...for taiwanese goverment

  • Anonymous

AnonD-242951, 11 Mar 2014No beats audio?Beats sucks

  • AnonD-242951

No beats audio?