Nokia unveil N86 8MP, this time it's as official as it gets

17 Feb, 2009
As you probably already know, Nokia N86 leaked yesterday, but today it makes the news all official. Named Nokia N86 8MP, it's got the first 28mm wide angle lens on a mobile phone. There's also a kickstand...

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  • Anonymous

gsmarena its n85 8mp. learn to read :)

  • Anonymous

From the pictures, seems like it's N85 8MP

  • Andy Burgin

People always slag any Nokia mobile being released until it get released then ends up being the Best Seller,the N95 went the same way but its still a must have mobile,this will be my update from the still the Best Mobile ever released the N95 8gb

  • psychomania

too late
i have a LG and nevermore nokia !!!

  • R.e.a.p.e.r

i think this is going to be one of the best 8 megapixel camera phone to date.

too bad it only uses dual led flash instead of a real xenon flash.

we will have to wait for the performance of the so called "3rd generation dual led flash" to know if this phone is really the successor of the ever popular N82.

  • Anonymous

Dani, 17 Feb 2009Lol repeating the same thing? lolwhy i repeat the same thing??

cause got some idio.t never read the news before then street comment it at here

The new Nokia N86 8MP (yeah, it doesn't get any more obvious than that) is the first 8 megapixel cameraphone to sport a wide 28mm lens. There are also other goodies such as a mechanical shutter as on the Samsung INNOV8, allegedly a new, better Carl Zeiss lens.

The Nokia N86 8MP is the first device with variable aperture ranging from F2.4/3.2/F4.8. That means the device does betted in low light situations thanks to the wider aperture of F2.4 and takes sharper shots in bright daylight thanks to the F4.8 aperture value.

  • Anonymous

Dani, 17 Feb 2009Lol, ABout what? huh/?see??

you never played s60 before... nevermind you will ply it cause soon expire drop UIQ n take s60

which past year so many soon expire fans critic s60 will hang or lag


hey this phone is amazing i think what the 80s n series is the best in innovation and modules cameras more than to n90 series.
is the next step in the future of the mobile technilogy comunications nokia always number one!!!! congratulations!!!!!

  • Dani

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2009so ? this also can't change the "About" containing "NOKIA" ... moreLol, ABout what? huh/?

  • Dani

[deleted post]Lol repeating the same thing? lol

  • ScottE

forget the features work on the design.... it looks crap get a grip Nokia!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Dani, 17 Feb 2009Yeah the SE Idou and Samsung Omnia HD use SYMBIAN BUT......... moreso ?

this also can't change the "About" containing "NOKIA"

btw, i think you donno what i'm talking about , about the "About"

cause you never use symbian s60 phone before

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2009yawnn.......about 6mths too late!!! boring specs to match its bo... moreboring than some phone which only can play MP4 & 3GP only??

  • Dani

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2009SOON EXPIRE IDOU using symbian based on S60, which s60 NOKIA lar... moreYeah the SE Idou and Samsung Omnia HD use SYMBIAN


Sony Ericsson and Samsung have CUSTOMISED the User-Interface to their own Branded Icons and Settings etc its really awesome.

Nokia's version of S60 is Boring,...with those still Icons and white backgrounds. I mean seriously! They should change it now!

  • Anonymous

I don't get it, is it the N86 or the N85 with 8MP? In the text it says N86 8MP and on the device on pictures it says N85 8MP.

  • Mustafa

Awesome looking phone. I just wonder how those tiny, rice-like call and end keys function? Hopefully they're not too annoying to use. The raised keypad on the phone is also nice, they look evenly spaced apart, so you'll enjoy texting as well as snapping photos and recording video.

  • Anonymous

Nokia Rules, 17 Feb 2009Eat your heart out SE AND SAMSUNG FANBOYS. King Nokia is back an... moreYeah yeah whatever welcome to last year. :p

  • f

i think i'll wait for ivalo/madelaine since i can't afford it. XD

  • Anonymous

yawnn.......about 6mths too late!!! boring specs to match its boring design..
NOKIA "connecting people... the same way other phone companies did 6mths ago"

  • Xpress0705

I am really deceived with Nokia.It does not take into consideration the suggestion of users like SE & Samsung does!They released an "8MP Cameraphone" that lacks a Xenon flash which is a basic thing in any cheap camera.The reason is the same as in Nokia N97.They are going to use the flash as video light.If they really wanted to to that ,they could have put the LEDs along with a Xenon flash like Sony Ericsson did in K850i & C905i!Now we wont be able to get neither a good photo nor video in the dark.It will still have the blueish tint that we get when using LEDs in the dark.The photos in the dark are going to su#* even if the phone has a 3rd generation dual LED flash.Dual LEDs can't be compared to a Xenon which is way brighter than LEDs.

They could also have increased the resolution of the OLED screen from a standard QVGA(320x240) which is becoming outdated to one like in the new Nokia 6260s which has a HVGA(320x480).At 2.6in”,it does make a difference when seen with the naked eyes.The 6260s screen has doubled the number of pixels N86 8MP has!The images looks finer on that display.

Nokia is no more what it was 3 years ago,when it released the Nokia N95.They can no more impress us.They just make the same phones with minors changes in functions & change in its design.Nokia then sells it at almost double the price!

At this rate,it wont be long before seeing Nokia losing its first place to Samsung,HTC & Sony Ericsson who innovates all the time with novelties.Nokia is lagging behind in all departments.Be it camera,design,innovation,hardware,etc...If Nokia doesn't do anything right now,they are going to lose lots of Nokia hardcore fans and I am one among them.....