Verizon opens up Galaxy S5 pre-orders, gives you two for $199

04 April, 2014
Verizon has opened up its Galaxy S5 pre-orders and is even offering a second one for free.

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  • 04 Apr 2014

Please look back to who Verizon was as a company !!!! MCI WORLDCOM and look where the CEO Bernie Ebbers is now and his colleagues doing hard time for FRAUD 200 years. You think i am joking PLEASE DO YOUR HOME WORK, FACT.


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    • 04 Apr 2014

    Two phones, two contracts, for two years.

      Widget images for mail, messages, phone and camera could do with a refresh. Android could really do with more stylish icons for these as they are really look dated like something of the 80's or entry level design that hasn't matured. Sony do a good job of theirs but stock Android visuals for those are . . boring against new devices. Giddy up.. have fun with your designs.

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        • 04 Apr 2014

        Jarret, 04 Apr 2014Best ever deal in 2014... Better than iPhone'sOMG.... irrelevent.

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          • 04 Apr 2014

          Best ever deal in 2014... Better than iPhone's

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            • 04 Apr 2014

            AnonD-194593, 04 Apr 2014this article says ativ se isnt that a verizon only RUMOURE... moreYes, offered by Verizon.
            also the source of this article.

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              • 04 Apr 2014

              how to apply

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                • 04 Apr 2014

                this article says ativ se
                isnt that a verizon only RUMOURED phone?