HTC Q1 2014 results: net loss, missed revenue forecast

07 April, 2014
HTC published unaudited financial results for the first quarter of 2014 and it's another one in the red.

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  • john

I think HTC is such a generous company which will give enough time to its competitors to come out with their own models when ever there is a highly competitive device with HTC. I am talking about Desire 816. I think they will wait until it become non attractive and obsolete to introduce in countries like India where demand for midrange phones are so huge. Let me remind u that 60% of Indian population is youngsters below 38 yrs, which itself will constitute to the combined population of many countries. And dont think that news papers will accept Ad for their front pages only from samsung. Many days I even see duplicate front pages with fullpage Ad from samsung. What the h**l you r doing?

  • AnonD-250208

DX, 08 Apr 2014I think HTC should consider this if they want more sales or busi... moreExactly bro I have never seen HTC ad

  • DX

I think HTC should consider this if they want more sales or business, the phone are with good design, sense is also good, however when it comes to phone we also look at a very good camera, expecially if it is flaghsip phone and Ulra pixel is not that great.. when HTC knows that HTC one did not do well in the market, why they came with another model with same camera type.. Plus their after sales service is also not good..
and yes marketing is not there at all. nobody in india knows who HTC is..

  • DX

First of all , they need to get out of Ultra pixel shit

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2014One (M8) was arguably a disappointment(sales isn't pretty either... moreYou must be an Iphone fan!

  • Tourbillon75

HTC One (M8) is undoubtedly the best smartphone you can buy at the moment! Far beyond its competitors in terms of features but most probably not enough money spent in advertising/ marketing.

  • Chintu

HTC manufactures excellent and smart looking phone with good spec – what HTC has to consider is the pricing of its smart phones in potential market like and India and other south Asian countries – India has huge potential and HTC can make an excellent come back if the phones are marketed and sold at a competitive price across all major cities… In a country like India where demand for smart phones are increasing day by day HTC should take advantage of this situation and re-look at its strategies to market the product well with affordable pricing with good aftermarket service.

  • Anonymous

One (M8) was arguably a disappointment(sales isn't pretty either), but thank God Samsung came up with that rubbish design.

  • nadeem

Main problem is Stock and advt(publicity).HTC is Good company with great design and latest techn in there device
Top of the world

  • AnonD-243215

great hope with great sales Expect for htc..
im sure next quarter will be superb for them..
i like m8 and im going for buy it when it realese in my country.

  • punit

The companies which ignores the opinion of customer . will sink! sooner or later. be it HTC or Nokia.

  • AWallis

We'll be supporting. Really love your phones and look forward to seeing the mini. Stay focused. market well, you have a lot to be proud of.

  • jacky

HTC should release flagship phone faster and many customers are please with Htc one so hopefully sell will increase again after Q2

  • Anonymous

Android doesn't work out for HTC and they have to pay patents to Microsoft for using Android. They should make more Windows Phone, since it's free now.

  • jarvisjerk

Dear HTC, you did well in the beginning but I guess all the directors & shareholders are so busy spending their earns that they lost their touch... like most rappers. Just declare bankrupt and move on with your millions, you had it great while it lasted.

  • Anonymous

Keep sticking to ultra pixels and almost no features like Sammy. Sammy just won BEST DISPLAY EVER, Monster Battery, Can withstand 50 minutes in a washing machine... yes washing machine lol. And some crazy wifi lte download combo as well as heartrate sensor, thermometer, barometer, why would I want a phone just cause it's metal.. this is not a car.

  • Anonymous

just stick to your ultra pixels.

  • MoFo

The M8 should remedy that. I'm planning to get it ever since news came out about them releasing the kernel. Watch and learn LG.

  • Faster

If HTC update there camera to the same level as sony and Samsung 12 mega pixel and above they might get profit. I will not buy HTC phone as there camera is crap, they are really had serious issue on camera side lol.

  • Stan

John, 07 Apr 2014So where are HTC fans who say that their products are the best? ... moreI truly think that my M7 is the best phone there is (for me). I only hate it's crappy camera.