Nokia unveil 5730, 5330 XpressMusic and 5030 handsets

11 March, 2009
The new trio by Nokia doesn't seem so groundbreaking as some of you might have hoped, but it expands the music-centric portfolio of the company with some nice new handsets with balanced functionality...

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  • Zero

Very good features :)
Very bad designs :(

If 5330 had sharps edges at the bottom, it would have looked much better.

  • nokwag

I hv been a big fan of nok. but just getting more and more disappointed with nok lately. the design is dull, is all the same, no wow factor. makes me wonder how much they spent on the design ..

  • prady

dont u heard about w980i no headset needed for radio.............and the reviewers are wrong that this is the first phone

  • Dani

Im liking the 5330 Very nice!

  • Anonymous

I guess you either love or hate the Nokia 5330 design...I'm the second choice :-/

  • MadKat

The best and only nokia phone thats worth anything is the N95 8GB

  • princeton_girl

These mobiles rock!!!!

  • Br

Martini_tr, 11 Mar 2009Yawn... Boring!!!Boring (2)

like all nokia´s...

  • Kyuubi

Man i want s60 on 5730 looks much better then E75 lol but the choice of colors are wicked nice and the 5330 looks so futuristic
i almost crapped my self when i saw it
wicked job Nokia 2 phones uder the radar again

  • Martini_tr

Yawn... Boring!!!

  • Anonymous

SE,Samsung and LG are far far ahead.They givin more for less money.

  • Anonymous

i found something at nokia official website about 5330

Video playback file formats: MP4, 3GPP, AVI, ASF; codecs: H.263, H.264, MPEG-4 SP, VC-1 (WMV9) SP, VC-1 (WMV9) MP
Video streaming: .3gp, .mp4 supported, .rm can be added with configuration

  • Anonymous

5330 shape so cool

  • Ryo Jin

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009Not the first for nokia. The n85 has internal antenna!!! Not sur... moreI think the first mobile phone with internal antenna for radio is China Phone.

  • onceuponatime nokia

Why nokia don't fire their designers is beyond me. these have to be the ugliest phones i have ever seen. the 5330 should also get some award for being the ugliest thing ever made

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009Not the first for nokia. The n85 has internal antenna!!! Not sur... morei got the N85 theres no internal antenna,

GSMarena are right, it ain't ground breaking but there're still sweet.

E75 or 5730 can't decide but 5330 is super ungly

  • the_matchless

hmmm 5030 not only a cpied idea but also a copied design from SE R300. They couldn't even copy it successfully. R300 is a better looking device!

  • afghan


  • tusher

nice phones,5330 is cool!!

  • Vaan

May I say that all of the designs look ugly? Because it literally is...especially the Nokia 5330.