Samsung prepping loads of high-end touch phones in 2009

18 March, 2009
Thirteen new Samsung touchscreen phones have been spotted at a dealer's event held by the company in Amsterdam. The two most exciting new phones include a new version of the Omnia HD running on...

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  • Anonymous

Android,Symbia!., 19 Mar 2009If Omnia HD IS Windows Mobile -phones,i'm not buy this Samsung-m... moreI will buy it just because it is WM even im a big SE fan

  • Android,Symbia!.

If Omnia HD IS Windows Mobile -phones,i'm not buy this Samsung-model!!.It must be Symbian or Android-model!.

  • olywmfan

A perfect upgrade for Omnia (with windows mobile) should include a Xenon flash! That would be awesome! The perfect phone! I would pay anything for that!

  • Elboo

with Google-cache the link is still available:­­e-Samsung-toestellen-voor-dit-jaar-komen-naar-bo­ven-op-dealerevent.html+http://www.allaboutphone­­en-voor-dit-jaar-komen-naar-boven-op-dealerevent­.html&cd=1&hl=nl&ct=clnk&gl=nl&lr=lang_nl&client­=firefox-a

  • Anonymous

how can you even compare Samsung with HTC? Omnia is a piece of crap.

  • Fokia

It seems that Nokia gonna be 2nd

  • Almon

Oh my gosh! Samsung is slowly becoming Nokia! Please don't get infected with the Nokia virus and make bland,featureless,ugly phones that look like bricks (brickberries as they're called). Please keep the style!!!

  • Kal

If rumors to be believed and Samsung really brings out OmniaHD in winmo with same features/hardware, then that will be the first time to have a real comparison between Symbian and windows OS. I'm waiting to see the result!!

  • john

Jonatan, 19 Mar 2009Pictures of the new Samsung Omnia HD morewhats the difference between the first one..

  • Anonymous is really doing everything.. connecting with those 3 OS..winmo android symbian..hahaha....

  • Jonatan

Pictures of the new Samsung Omnia HD­mnia-hd

  • Anonymous

I just want the same features in a clam-shell, how hard can this be....

  • Ryo Jin

Erick, 18 Mar 2009A formidable array of devices from the looks of it. It will be v... moreYes, I agree with u. With the same feature-set on the same Omnia HD, we need a good comparison between Omnia HD Symbian S60v5 and Omnia HD WinMo 6.5. Which is better, Symbian or WinMo...

  • Leo

Ok, so let me get this straight... Samsung is coming up with symbian, WinMo and Android devices? Man, the way Samsung is going in a few months they'll be running their omnias with WebOS and Mac OS!!! LOL!!

  • popeye

having the omnia i900, I was really glad to hear initially of HD in Symbian, until now, Please stick to Symbian's smoother, not the constantly hanging, resoource-heavy, finger-unfriendly VOIP/SIP clients stable and readily available with Symbian. WM is a downgrade..

  • Anonymous

samsung would be mad to have an omniahd and an omniahd on two different platforms. but the omnia was sucessful and to switch platforms seems nutz marketingwise. surely anyone with a brain would have kept the omnia tag for windows (if they had another highend windows phone) and come up with a new name for a symbian version

  • MichaelPB

Oops... Skip my last remark please. Didn't realize the rumor was that there will be a HD with WinMo. Read over it. Sorry.

  • MichaelPB

Samsung got me!, 18 Mar 2009Darn, and I was ready to switch boat to an HTC Firestone. Samsu... moreOmnia HD is using Symbian 60 series, 5th edition. Just like the Nokia 5800. No Windows Mobile...

  • Anonymous

Any Idea on the release dates for any of these?

  • Spyros/Cesar.s.c.

Sory, but i dont think that Samsung must relaunch this mobile phone in a windows version and i believe that Omnia HD isnt the real successor of Omnia. I think that the real successor of i900 Omnia will have optical mouse and its desing generally will look like the Omnia i900. Of course its name will be i9000. Also i'm glad about Samsung's decision to make a qwertyable smartphome and i had written about this a month ago in the comments of Samsung Omnia i900.