BlackDot mobile awards announced at CTIA Wireless 2009

1 April, 2009
The Black Dot awards committee, a US subsidiary of the popular European telecommunications award fund, officially announced the 2009 award-winning list. The most coveted devices this year made...

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  • Anonymous

Hahahaha, that was a good one GSM Arena!!

  • Anonymous

That was hilarious, great work.

  • afzal

r u guyz kiddin.........
theze rezultz r horrible+terrible
iphone the best imaging foot

  • astral

Award team need brain examination, iphone is just good looking, nothing more. doesn't deserve awards

  • coxbox

Any of you guys knows the date today?

  • Anonymous

Good stuff. Nice April Fool's :-P

  • Ace

wonder how much apple paid for this one

  • handjobby

really, people?! look at the date of the posting. LOOK AT IT!

  • Anonymous

This is all bullsh**!!

  • Anonymous

the best mobile imaging phone=iphone!?
u gotta b kiddin me -_-

  • girish

Finally it seems the jury got right with just 2 phones; nokia 5800, and sony ericsson w705. wake up guys!!!

  • david

gsm, 01 Apr 2009they are kidding, aren´t they? iPhone best imaging phone??... morethese guys must have never picked up or used a phone in their lives iphone best camera what and how on earth is the blackberry storm reliable how how how u guys should all be fired i give john nash idiot of the year award.

  • Anonymous

Best touchscreen phone category : a3100 - next omnia

  • Normee

It's obviously an April fools joke.
I mean, the source link doesn't even work lol
They are basically "awarding" the phones that absolutely failed in the corresponding categories.

  • Mr. DIrtY MInZ

Oh I totally forgot today was April Fool's Day. Duh!

  • Anonymous

Brilliant guys, absolutely brilliant.

  • imaging my xxx

gsm, 01 Apr 2009they are kidding, aren´t they? iPhone best imaging phone??... moreyo mate, i solemnly agree with you. The panel's taking bribes for sure...

  • Anonymous

i've seen iphone pictures, they're crap compared to most other phones. what are they talking about? and iphone NOT being the best touchscreen phone?

  • ALYY


having read all this, m gona go to jungles!


  • April Fools Day

Iphone having the best camera...nobody uses it because its a shame,motorola sucks at touchscreen devices, nokia 1202- my grandma doesnt even buy a that cheap phone...APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!