BlackDot mobile awards announced at CTIA Wireless 2009

1 April, 2009
The Black Dot awards committee, a US subsidiary of the popular European telecommunications award fund, officially announced the 2009 award-winning list. The most coveted devices this year made...

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  • Anonymous

are they serious. if anything everyone says iphone goes all above in touch responsiveness or apps but camra. YA RIGHT!!!

  • Hoang

They forget C905, INNOV 8, G810,....I hate iPhone because they will make you lost a lot of money for cheap values

  • Greg

Complete Bollox.... A motorola phone should never win awards....

  • Anonymous

it`s april first you fools!

  • David

For god's sake, i just read most of the comments, it's a joke people!! Let me break down in simplified baby english.

Mobile Imaging Award- Iphone, with a 2 mp camera without auto focus or flash, and the joke is that it has to be daylight to take snapshots, in other words, it sucks!

Creative naming category- They just added HD, Diamond2 and 09 on their new phones, how creative is that when naming a new phone.

Best touchscreen phone category - Motorola A3100 has the worst toucscreen ever, it hardly responds.

The most reliable handset on the market - Nokia 5800 and the Blackberry freezes up and stupp alot.

Original design award - Sony Ericsson W705, this design has been on the W series SE phone since the middle ages, so it's not exactly a original out of the box design, it's same boring W series design we have seen over and over again.

Compact design category award - Toshiba TG01, compact my ass, haha, this is phone is as big as a freakin mini laptop! That's the joke.

Top all-rounder award - Nokia 1202, it is a basic phone with almost nothing in it, just like the iPhone, that's the joke.

The awards are given to phone that are the complete opposite of what they got the award for, THAT'S THE JOKE!! for god sake, can't believe i'm actually explaining this.

  • Anonymous

I want to see the faces of the people in Jury (how they look like)
Apple ....American
Jury ...American
GM (going to close) ... American

  • Anonymous

this is definitely a 1st april article..

  • Anonymous

iphone winning the imaging device category?Try something new for april 1st fools day next time!

  • David

hahaha!! Good april fools joke gsmarena!! nice one!! The Toshiba phone in the most compact category cracked me up, it's freakin huge! And the Nokia 1202 that had 10 features the iPhone don't have was true in a funny kind of uncomfortable way for iPhone users.

  • Anonymous

i think this is on par with "we-have-no-idea-what-we-are-talking-about" award, and "you-serious??-this??" award

  • Anonymous

April Fools?

  • JOHN

since when iphone became a imaging device? i think even k750i takes much better picture than iphone. what an award.

  • Anonymous

The Black Dot awards Know nothing about cell phones.

  • Anonymous

LOL wow... I certainly HOPe this is an april fools joke...

  • Anonymous

"The Nokia 1202 is the pure essence of mobile telecommunications. Plus, you can rarely find a phone that cheap that has 10 features the new iPhone 3.0 software doesn't have".. no doubt, april fool mobile award

  • SE + Nokia Fan

iPhone is the winner?
Hahahahahahahahaha.... A good April Fool joke...
Good covering, GSMArena... ;-D

  • anonymous

nice pull gsmarena,but we r not gettin fooled!!!hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

April fools day remember? haha

  • Nick

April the First !!!!!! Iphone is the best camera phone !!!!

  • gsm

they are kidding, arenĀ“t they?
iPhone best imaging phone??? Come on, there are lots of devices out there that take better pictures than the iPhone 3G. For me the iPhone has the better OS, not imaging.