Third-party apps to run on the Pre, PalmOS apps expected as well

2 April, 2009
Palm have still got to release their Pre, but they are already cooking some third party applications. Support of Palm OS apps will also be added via a software emulator, running on the Pre's new WebOS...

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  • UB

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2009i hv been wondering is the button is the middle just 1 cl... moreIt's just a button the area around it though is touch sensitive (called gesture area). Swipe from Home Button to the left for "Go Back", From bottom up to bring up quick-launch.

  • Anonymous

tsikopo, 04 Apr 2009This is my new phone,icrap and rotten apple go... MULT... moreI'll have you know UNIX is the daddy of multitasking. Mac OS X is based on the UNIX architecture. iPhone OS is an optimised and slimmed down version of OS X. multitasking is built into the iPhone by nature. It's simply restricted to core iPhone apps like the phone, text and iPod. It could easily be opened completely to allow all apps to multitasking, but then we'd end up with slow performance and 1 day battery life. Much like your N-series, but without the crashing, freezing, horrible design and painful to use interface.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2009I can already see a bunch of silly Pre owners complaining a... moreApplications?

They are locally and remotely stored web content accessed by an OS which is a web browser.

  • Anonymous

tsikopo, 04 Apr 2009This is my new phone,icrap and rotten apple go... MULT... moreMultitasking?

Is that like double tapping my homescreen button to bring up the iTunes mini player to skip the track I'm listening to now, as I write this?

Or the SMS I just dismissed...

...multitasking, do YOU know what it is?

  • Anonymous

Sickness, 03 Apr 2009I hear you guys comment on this OS coming close to apple's ... moreI can already see a bunch of silly Pre owners complaining about its battery life because they open several apps at the same time and not closing them afterwards, lol. Thank goodness I have a real laptop to do my multi tasking projects and wouldn't have to depend my life on a phone, lol.

  • Anonymous

tsikopo, 04 Apr 2009This is my new phone,icrap and rotten apple go... MULT... moreYes, we iphone users know what "multi tasking" is. We don't need it on our iphone, or it's a low priority feature for us. Good luck to the battery life of your Pre. But I guess the Pre's smaller screen is less power consuming, so it might even out. You can't have everything.

  • tsikopo

This is my new phone,icrap and rotten apple go...


do the apple fanboys know what it is?

  • Andes

Well the OS looks good but the new Iphone is not the only competitor for this device Android based devices also will have their effect on Palm's new phone if they're not carefull with the price there's gonna be a lot of bad surprises for them.As a user i prefer to believe on established devices that have proven their worth.I'm eagerly awating the release of Palm Pre but i don't believe it's gonna be a revolution and if it has a starting price of 900$ it'll follow the Xperia failiure (SE made promises that weren't proven and they set a unreasonable price for a common WinMo device).We'll wait and see ...

  • daki

Nice phone but the screen is way to small.

  • Fandora

I love Fandora!! You know, Fandora!!!! Oh wait, I mean't Pandango... BLAH, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!! >:(

  • xiaorui

frankly say, the appearance is ugly! IPHONE is my lover!

  • Anonymous

ssssssssss, 03 Apr 2009its awssom it is

  • ssssssssss

its awssom

  • Sickness

I hear you guys comment on this OS coming close to apple's I personally think it even out does the apple OS since it is a multi-tasking king it is just amazing how flexible it is I mean the launch bar resembles the desktop mac's dock. and then there is the way all the applications just fuse together it is just a simply an amazing phone when it comes to the software and it also looks unique externally and to those who thought apple was the smart phone king they never really where at least outside the states windows mobile all together have sold more smart phones worldwide and the market believe it or not is still in hands of Nokia though I don't no for how much longer.

  • Anonymous

simpson, 02 Apr 20091st nice counting simpson you plankton....
your second
but a first class douche

  • Sahara Dessert Envir

man the edges of the pre's screen is sweet, the OS works with the curves

  • Anonymous

This is the only handset that's got Apple slightly conscerned about this years new iPhone. It'll be good. At least well see some competition, because it's been iPhone in the smartphone throne for the last 2 years. At least palms done what all the other manufacturers, especially nokia, haven't been able to do, and that's making a comfortable user interface that can come close to Apple's.

  • Anonymous

I'm just wondering how powerful WebOS will be applications seem to be based on widgets.

As webOS is based on WebKit which is open source, anything Palm do with it will flow onto other users, such as Apple who origionally developed it, Nokia who use it in their S60 browser and Android who also use it in their browser.

Palm desperately need the Pre to succeed, otherwise they probably won't be round much longer.

  • Anonymous

Things are not looking as great as it did when the Pre was launched. And things are not looking as bad as it did for the Iphone when the Pre was launched. The Iphone 3.0 OS has changed a lot of hearts, both from current Iphone owners who were thinking of switching to Pre, and those who are now considering the Iphone now that some missing features have been included in the 3.0 firmware. I, personally wanted to switch to Pre, but after the launching of the 3.0 OS, I totally reconsidered and decided to stay with Apple. Most especially now that the Iphone's latest SDK shows great potential for better apps, and even moreso that the App Store now has 30,000 apps. The Iphone is driving its competitors nuts. I remember they self-proclaimed the Pre to be the better phone than the Iphone and that they would have to sell it at a higher price. With how great things are looking right now for the Iphone, Palm should re-think the introductory price of the Pre, and it should be at least $100 less than the iphone =)

  • Zobi

Wow. I thinks webOs gonna be serious competition for Androyd