Third-party apps to run on the Pre, PalmOS apps expected as well

2 April, 2009

Palm have still got to release their Pre, but they are already cooking some third party applications. Support of Palm OS apps will also be added via a software emulator, running on the Pre's new WebOS.

Well, it didn't take much time, did it? Palm have still got to release their Pre, but they are already cooking some third party applications and have taken care that there would be many more by releasing their Palm WebOS Mojo application framework and Mojo SDK.

As a way of promoting their new SDK, Palm are demonstrating some of the first third-party applications developed with their Mojo SDK. You can check those on a video, that's been shot at CTIA Wireless 2009 by PreCentral.

You can also check an official demo video of some of the new thrid party apps in action by going to Palm's website right here.

Quite unexpectedly, Palm also broke the news that they will be providing a software emulator for WebOS that will allow older Palm OS apps to run just fine on the Pre.

The emulator is called Classic and will be developed by a third-party company. More info about it can be found here.



Reader comments

  • UB

It's just a button the area around it though is touch sensitive (called gesture area). Swipe from Home Button to the left for "Go Back", From bottom up to bring up quick-launch.

  • Anonymous

I'll have you know UNIX is the daddy of multitasking. Mac OS X is based on the UNIX architecture. iPhone OS is an optimised and slimmed down version of OS X. multitasking is built into the iPhone by nature. It's simply restricted to core iPhone apps ...

  • Anonymous

Applications? They are locally and remotely stored web content accessed by an OS which is a web browser.

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