Nokia 5530 XpressMusic rumored as Nokia's third full touch phone

13 April, 2009
As rumors have it, Nokia seem to have another full touch phone in store for us - one that's even cheaper than Nokia 5800. The unannounced Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is said to be due for September and will be more...

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  • Romario

heyy.....when i attending a call in 5530 .....i can't here properly..if i used a head phone..the problem wil be ok....whts tht?

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  • James

diva, 14 Apr 2009How much does it cost in Philippine peso?so I will decide e... moreif you will buy a new phone decide carefully because the nokia 5530 has a very cool design and smaller but has lower specs and lower price but the nokia 5800 has an uglier design, its bigger, and its a thick phone but nokia 5800 has better specs and higher price but if i were you i will buy the nokia 5530 because the white and blue combination of colors in the nokia 5530 is so cool and the specs are fine it has 3.2 mega pixel camera with flash and a wifi connectivity yeah you can watch you tube on your nokia 5530 and you can buy it for a low price

  • rohan

sebastian, 25 Apr 2009p.s. and I almost forgot...if you look at the screen you wi... moreu can add upto 20 contacts on the homescreen.

  • sebastian

oh I am sorry...i checked things the same nokia 5800 XM as the one in the Dark Knight'm's not the new 5530...

  • rd

sebastian, 25 Apr 2009hy to all...if you check out this video on youtube : http:/... moreyeah sebastian, ur right!
cool touch buttons.
I planned to buy a new phone.. 5530 is the right phone for me, but I want to buy the phone now so I think I'll get 5800 either-
If only 5530 coming faster,

  • sebastian

p.s. and I almost forgot...if you look at the screen you will see that it has 5 or more shortcuts to best friends or contacts than the 5800 wich has only 4 contacs...

  • sebastian

hy to all...if you check out this video on youtube : ..i think this is the new nokia 5530...those who posted the video say it's a new firmware on the 5800..but they didn't see one thing...if you look closer you will se that the phone in the video doesn't have the 3 buttons like the 5800...this one has touch screen buttons for call in call out and for meniu icon...

  • lin_finto

will better then 5800XM ????
or low then 5800XM?

cause i will buy 5800 next month.

  • Merana

RyanRose, 15 Apr 2009You can buy Nokias for £20 you idoitI like your comment!

  • douglas araujo

...cellular medium size with cutting edge technology that has become the network for temporarily replacing the 5610!

  • Andre

small is more powerful... I hope so

  • RyanRose

Hiker!, 14 Apr 2009NOW who told u its an affordable fone??? the news doesnt ... moreYou can buy Nokias for £20 you idoit

  • Anonymous

wow all you guys down below are retarded......
The nokia xpressmusic 5800 is only 200 dollars. compared to other nokia fones thats hella cheap... srsly get a life. all you do is hate, ur fones are prolly ruined cuz you dont even know how to use them correctly.. fags

  • NBC

If there is no GPS, it will be a no buy for me. Moreover, shipping in
September is too far away. I would be buying Samsung S8000 or New iPhone long before September. I think Nokia should hurry up with their 5900 XM.

  • *N97*

Flames nice comments i agree 100%

got one question where can i buy the 5800 cheap sim-free..

  • Flames

Ferrari Rider, 14 Apr 2009Nokia must be smart in setting right price decision.. For e... moreThere are numerous websites where it can be bought sim free for £200....

  • Flames

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2009This clearly shows the position of Nokia these days. They c... moreYour comment is a clear testimony that ''an opinion is like an a.r.s.e, everyone has one''.

  • Flames

glitter like diamond, 13 Apr 2009cant afford high end phone.. praise this phone.. and what c... moreAnother crass comment!, are you paid to be this stupid???

  • Flames

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2009Is Nokia stupid ? We want phones better than 5800, not worse !Ever heard of market segmentation???. Clearly not, go back to school or google it and stop embarrasing yourself. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!