Samsung Galaxy Tab S: leaked pictures and features

06 June, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab S retail images and features have been leaked, check out the photos.

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  • AnonD-89381

Can't this tablet independently make phone calls like other Samsung tablets?

  • Dovice

No stylus! Why???

  • Anonymous

Too heavy for 10 inch tablet. No, thanks.

  • Anonymous

They all look the same. Much wow. So Samesung.

  • AnonD-169180

please samsung better camera front and back

  • AnonD-53326

I will be very tempted to replace my 7.7 with the 8.4 S but all will depend on price. 400 euro is the max I would pay. Unfortunately I guess it will be around 500

  • Anonymous

Too heavy for 10 inch tablet... No, thanks

  • AnonD-1385

This sounds like the best tab yet and the slim waistline is a huge plus. The first tablet to bear the S name may be the very best.