LG exceed expectations for Q1, seemingly unaware of recession

21 April, 2009
LG brought home their Q1 report card today and it's all A's. They've managed a good 2.8 billion USD out of handset sales, which exceeded even their own expectations, and are doing 22.6% better than last year...

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  • sandra turner

i bought a lg ax585 and i can't play my personal music. because a block on putting your personal touch to your phone. i wish i would have known before my 20 days was up. i am so very disappointed

  • SE & MOTO

Its' history guys...SE & MOTO.... NOKIA is going down, LG & SS is going up....Days are coming up for LG & SS

  • Lucifer84

WRONG! The first touchscreen mobile phone, also bussiness class, with Symbian OS was SonyEricsson P800, in 2002! Stop making Nokia such a great company, cause it isn't! They built they'r reputation since 3310!
SE fan 4ver

  • Jo

jr, 23 Apr 2009Guys i think this is the time for LG to shine...As we are a... moreWhy does no-one do any research on phones before they make claims that a specific brand did something first? Your exact words are that LG created the first touch-screen phone. Incorrect. Many people have the misconception that it was Nokia who did it first, but they'd also be wrong. The first touch-screen phone ever released was a Motorola MPx. It was released in 2004 Q1. So, the moral of the story here would be never make a claim that you don't have the proof to back up.

  • jr

Guys i think this is the time for LG to shine...As we are all familiar that the first touch screen is from LG. so its not impossible that they might be on top three famous mobilephone brands in the market since there are lots of new and fantastic models to come.....
So sort of advice to some other mobile brand try to work hard cause LG might get the chance to left you behind........

  • Unbaised Thought

Listen folks..... LG a year ago was after Nokia, SE, SS, MOTO like 5th Place, and then they really come up with good models like Chocolate-(20million units sales all over the world), Prada (1-million unit sales all over the world), Viewty (more than 600,000 units sales, and still selling all over the world), and Cookie (more than 2million unit sold all over the world, and still selling). Now LG has come-up with extremely new quality fones, which others were / are not providing like LG Crystal (Crystal Color Key pad), LG First Touch Phone (like Prada, Chocolate, and Viewty), and S-Class UI, with Tempered Glass on high tier phones (like Arena), Very fine quality featured phone (Viewty-2). And if you look into mid-tier segment, they have a very good quality phone Cookie, KS360 selling really well. And now a days I saw some mid-low, and low tier phones like Wireless FM Radio Phone-GB106, GB110, and KM335 & GM200(Woofer Speaker / Dual Speaker Phone). That is wht I studied in shops because I was interested to purchase a phone, and then I stopped at LG, and finally went for Cookie... I agree with LG Number 1 comment that LG will be number One, but it will take some time. Rather they should move more fastly then Nokia & SS :)

  • Gsingh

LG Number 1, 22 Apr 2009LG Will be Number 1 - - - People will see.LG, can't be no1 in cell phones.

  • D.B

I wanna see LG in top 3 at minimum - i have recently converted from nokia to LG because the arena was so much more of a handset than my 5800 was! I'm glad thtey're making a profit and i hope they give us some fantastic updates for the arena.

  • tharan

go great lg i hope that 2020 century lg mobile will rule the world.Oh another more try to check sound system because compare with sonyerisson,nokia,you guys sound system not satisfies me

  • Anonymous

Shinigami, 23 Apr 2009LG will be number 3! People will see :P Because no force c... moreApple?

Only the company that changed the world of mobile phones.

  • Shinigami

LG will be number 3! People will see :P
Because no force can push Nokia off the first place and Samsung got the second place and it doesn't look like they are going to move.
So LG can either try to fight with Samsung (I love LG and some of their phones but if they can't see mid-range phones are popular BECAUSE they're cheaper, not because cheaper phones ARE popular, they're doomed, Nokia saw that and as a result we got 6700). Or LG can have its third place for like decades. Because they can't beat Samsung fast and neither SE nor Motorola are strong competitors in the world market these days.
But I surely hope LG will outsmart Samsung and Nokia and make super-powerful, super-long-lasting phones with superior hardware and on Symbian, WinMo and Android all at the same time with laughably low prices and great build quality. Had same hopes for SE till they thought they're premium brand. Notice how they made W995 with 3.5mm jack. Not some 50 euro music phone, not some budget walkman mp3 phone player, but only the TOP walkman. Xperia isn't made by SE, its made by HTC for SE.

Apple? Whats that?

  • Anonymous

I'm using Sony Ericsson and I like it very much.
But I saw an news that SE had EURO 358Million loss in Q1.
I don't understand what's happening in SE because many of my friends are using SE and they think it's stylish and good feature.

Is it really LG doing well only due to Korean WON?

  • Anonymous

J, 22 Apr 2009In reply to LOL; sorry to be dull, but that +23% revenue gr... moreApple just announced their figures iPhone profits up by 123% on sales of 3.79 million.

It seems LG aren't the only ones not troubled by recession.

Nokia should stop making excuses and start making phones- 90% fall in profit.

  • heuteland

LG still remains a cheap quality image brand In Europe with cheap products that are made to look a bit high end. Usually Software has a lot of bugs
and is never refreshed or updated once the device in the market.

Have a look at Nokia, RIM or Apple; proper brands offer customer service even in small villages in markets where they sell and take the consumer serious.

LG and also Samsung are just MeeTo, uncreative, never thinking out of box, only linear feature driven companies. Serious winners act differentand are disruptive e.g. Apple, RIM or Nokia with OVI. Just being aggressive only helps to become the best 2nd or 3rd. never the true number one.
Apple, RIM and Nokia can all claim to be Number one in one field. Samsung & LG cannot claim that anywhere.... Good luck when the WON rises again and products get more expensive...

  • mark p

well i love LG i have LG mobile and dvd recorder. they are well built and designed and most well reliable.

good stuff. LG top brand. they come a long way. and deserve the credit.

  • LG Number 1

LG Will be Number 1 - - - People will see.

  • TD

proud to be part of good team : ) happy

  • Anonymous

atleast its a good news for LG company....Actually i tried 2 use NOKIA,MOTOROLA,SAMSUNG andonly this year i try LG...

Just to be fair when regards to unique design,features i would certainly say LG is really different from others,coz they have theyre own identity....Im using renior i was really satisfied with this phone,very user friendly every features are excellent specially the camera, i dont regret of buying this phone.only the problem is the battery life but its ok,its easy to solve that issue just buy extra battery i know this are normal issues for touch screen phone...

I know its not possible to make a big hit for LG this year, coz they have lots of new phones with latest technology to come that im really looking forward to see.....

  • andy burgin

Lg an Samsung always seem to copy each other with either mobile they release,but theres one thing Lg have got to work on is the relibility of there mobiles,its alright having a nice looking mobile but if it doesn"t function correctly its a waste of time,thats the reason people keep away from Lg mobiles,as they did the wrong things starting off in the U.K ,releasing very below par mobiles on the 3 network,so they still have alot to do to convience people they have sort things out,but loads keep away still

  • yeah

proud to be part of the TEAM LG