LG exceed expectations for Q1, seemingly unaware of recession

21 April, 2009
LG brought home their Q1 report card today and it's all A's. They've managed a good 2.8 billion USD out of handset sales, which exceeded even their own expectations, and are doing 22.6% better than last year...

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  • J

In reply to LOL; sorry to be dull, but that +23% revenue growth rate IS in Korean Won (look at a the statement if you need), in US$ the growth rate would have been -10%. LG are doing well, but that 23% growth rate is in KOREAN WON which has massively depreciated against the world's currencies and excluding that effect its not grown

  • Anonymous

Zzzz, 21 Apr 2009Strange, for me it is exactly the contrary. When having a ... moreIt feels cheap and expensive?
Talk about contradicting yourself.......

  • Anonymous

ND, 22 Apr 2009Great done LG!! Since the LG Chocolate series released to t... moreWhy is everybody's grammar in this site so terrible?
Are you all using online translators?

  • ND

Great done LG!! Since the LG Chocolate series released to the market, we can see LG is very aggressive in the mobile industry. After that is LG Shine series, fashion phone, smart phones, music phones & etc...
In last year I bought the KF600 bcoz of it unique dual screen design. The other models catching my eyes is camera alike KC510, the cute KS360, KF510 n the almighty LG KC910 Renoir. But my next target is the gorgeous LG GD900 crystal, I love it very much! LG is stole n catching my heart from my long love Nokia.

  • Hib

CHL, 21 Apr 2009Well done LG! I took a chance in 2007 and got my first LG m... moreGo LG, you're the man!

  • mario polo

who said samsung phones are low built quality than nokia ??????????????!!!!!!
it's only the idea of the design which is different. samsung aims to make sexy fashionable phones (please don't forget the U900, G400 and Definately the UltraTouch,, etc.)they are just more sexy than any ohter phone. nokia aims not to make sexy phones but elegant phones suitable for business men. so it's not about quality it's about what you prefer. talking about quality i've owned many nokia and samsungs, nokias always got some issues after a while (keys, painting, dust collection, slide mechanism), but samsung... NEVER (except the painting of U600 and U700 were really bad). SE no comment it's the best quality in market except painting issue (ALMOST there's no single SE phone that's not losing painting cover after 6 months of use)

  • Anonymous

LG is Listening - Dual SIM, Removable batteries , Stylus etc .... if nokia, se ,aple want to win this is the way.... listen and stop hanging on to old positions just to keep some operators happy

  • D

Good on LG! It's simply because LG keep on making good mobile phone. Very creative LG. well done. Hope to see more new kind of LG soon


I like LG..becoz LG is LG..and i dont know what i'm talking about.

  • Anonymous

no wonder
with all that lg arena advertisement on gsmarena homepage lol!!

  • Anonymous

Aston DBS, 21 Apr 2009Mmmmmhh... Don't understand all the fuzz here? LG (and S... moreerrr... maybe you should check on your facts. Majority of Nokia's production is in China, cheaper than Korea. They are just over priced garbage phones... simple. Samsung really aren't as good as everything thinks either. Really they are all rather poor and the industry has most certainly the highest fault return rate of any other industry

  • Anonymous

I feel some linked expensive = good. That is not the case. LG and Samsung has proven affordable (is the word) = good as well. Yes, early models of Korean handset has its problem. But they have improved by leaps and bounds. Those already way ahead on the other hand has slowed down. I am using Nokia E series now and I encounter problems. So should I say E series sucks?

  • Jamal

Laughing at Nokia hmmmm?

  • Anonymous

Aston DBS, 21 Apr 2009"For the same price you can get an LG or Samsung that have ... moreYour comment could be a nice song. Really. Can you send me a mail, i'll try to compose it. And send to you. It's not a jock.

  • Anonymous

Surprise LG. Well done!

  • Anonymous

Scope, 22 Apr 2009I've got to agree with Aston here. As innovative as Samsung... moreSome Samsungs use exactly the same Symbian OS as Nokia, an OS that is praised for it's "openness" if Symbian is so "open" you should be able to make a Samsung work exactly the same as a Nokia, better actually as Samsung use higher specced components.

Compare the Innov8 with the N96 or the Omnia HD with the N97 everything is ramped up on the Samsungs the Nokias are just more of the same old same old.

The LG Arena is another example the hardware and features just blow Nokia away.

The phones are solid with metal casings whereas Nokias use plastic.

The bottom line is Nokia sells huge volumes of low priced, low specced phones, they are losing out badly at the high end which is where the money is.

  • Scope

Aston DBS, 22 Apr 2009Again, You've got to be specific which model that you are ... moreI've got to agree with Aston here. As innovative as Samsung and LG get with their interfaces and features, they still don't feel as high quality as the Nokia E-Series or their other high-end phones nor Sony Ericssons high enders (the N-series's quality is generally a downer for me considering they don't come cheap). The only quality handset I've handled myself from Samsung is their Soul series as well as the Omnia. No idea about their most recent phones. As for LG, they were never sold in Lebanon so I really don't know how they feel. Probably similar to Samsung. I am certain they will continually improve their quality though.

Finally, to all those who say that SE keeps pumpimg out the same phones, it has to do with setting a brand image. If each SE looked different with wider ranging designs, the series wouldn't look uniform at all and would likely force more expensive production anyway.

  • Aston DBS

Zzzz, 21 Apr 2009Strange, for me it is exactly the contrary. When having a ... moreAgain,
You've got to be specific which model that you are looking at.

Not all Nokia models are high quality... Depends on which model...
I was specifying N and E series (8800 series are definitely nice)

Also, I'm not just talking hardware here...
Samsung and LG OS has stability issues and making me crazy (don't get me started with Motorola - their OS is so old, it feels like back in the 90s ;-)

  • Dani

LG KU990 Viewty is such a good phone! So is the new Arena!

  • candygirl

to.Aston DBS
yuck lol