LG exceed expectations for Q1, seemingly unaware of recession

21 April, 2009
LG brought home their Q1 report card today and it's all A's. They've managed a good 2.8 billion USD out of handset sales, which exceeded even their own expectations, and are doing 22.6% better than last year...

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Lg has been playing the game hard and well in the last three years.
They're rising.
And check Wikipedia LG is now the 3rd mobile manufacturer after Nooki and Sammy...well they are waving hands at Moto and SE.
Well done LG.

  • Zzzz

Aston DBS, 21 Apr 2009"For the same price you can get an LG or Samsung that have ... moreStrange, for me it is exactly the contrary. When having a Nokia phone in hand i feel it extremely cheap and expensive for the poor quality. But with a Samsung i feel it is showing high quality and high specs ...

  • NoNaMe

sammy and lg are coping each other..
example u900 and kf750
then pixon and renoir
ultratouch and crystal...
that is AWESOME! :D

  • casualsuede

Uh, comments about Average Selling Price is incorrect.

Nokia has the lowest ASP in the market (I believe their average ASP is under $100 EURO's.

Samsung, SE and LG have similar ASP's (Over $150) per. I think Samsung has the highest ASP.

  • spk307

I always thought GSM Arena users care only about features in a mobile phone and are literally financial illiterates (giving a damn about the financial statements). Finally, the recession and GSM Arena have made the users think about financial results which is good to know. Hope GSM Arena adds more information like market share by each handset segment. That will lead to meaningful comments rather than comments such as "Nokia rules!", "Apple is boring, nobody is buying"...

  • Aston DBS

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2009Why? All the manufacturers get their phones made in Chin... more"For the same price you can get an LG or Samsung that have all the same or higher features plus Micro SD expandable memory"

Ok... So, basically, you're saying the same thing as I did:
"LG and Samsung are (almost) always cheaper (let me add this - for the same or higher features compare to SE, Nokia or HTC)"

Don't get me wrong...
I own Samsung a few times and they have been a nightmare.
LG? When I have them in my hand, I honestly feel that it is cheaply made (well... it is cheaper...)

I feel Nokia and SE has better built quality, fit and finish (Not low or middle range, I'm talking about N or E series, SE G or Cyber Shot)
They are more expensive, but I certainly feel that they are worth it.

Back to my point: LG & Samsung can post bigger sales because they are simply, well... cheaper.

SE and Nokia (and definitely HTC) are more expensive and affected more by the recession as people tend to save money and get a cheaper product...
Just a law of nature, supply and demand... Doesn't necessarily mean that LG or Samsung are better... So, no big deal here... :-D

  • Anonymous

Aston DBS, 21 Apr 2009Mmmmmhh... Don't understand all the fuzz here? LG (and S... moreWhy?

All the manufacturers get their phones made in China these days out of mostly the same components.

LG make screens for other manufacturers, Samsung make flash memory and other components for other manufacturers.

You'll find that LG and Samsung offer better value for the money in the mid range to low range and better features in the high range.

Take a phone like the Nokia 7100 Supernova, it's not good value for money a music phone with 4Mb of memory!

For the same price you can get an LG or Samsung that have all the same or higher features plus Micro SD expandable memory.

  • CHL

Well done LG! I took a chance in 2007 and got my first LG mobile, the Viewty. While it wasn't perfect, it showed me that LG is doing something right, and has great potential. I have previously owned phones from Nokia and SE. My next phone is going to be another LG.

  • MAXx

LG Rockz!!! Over the last few years LG has moved ther game ahead , ther phones are competativly price and full of innovation like , Choclate , Shine , Viewty , KF 510 ,600 , 750 etc , they were the first to intoduce slow motion video on ther phones as far as i know , now KP 360 & Cookie, new thing at a great price rather cheaper price , ther innovation is continous like upcoming LG arena and s class interface , and transparent keypad phone , LG Renoir with Dolby sound , new phones also have Dolby in it so certainly ther are surprises in ther phones , and yes hard work of ther creative and designing team , i hope they continue do so . Good Luck .

  • lol

J, 21 Apr 2009That 22% sales increase is massively flattered by the weakn... more"They've managed a good 2.8 billion USD out of handset sales, which exceeded even their own expectations, and are doing 22.6% better than last year"
where do you see Won?

  • Anonymous

im a nokia and se user. I am not that impressed by their phones but i must admit that im pretty impressed by LG's sales especially in this economically challenging times. Well done LG.

  • Aston DBS

Mmmmmhh... Don't understand all the fuzz here?

LG (and Samsung) can definitely post a bigger sales here simply just because of 1 thing: their handsets are cheaper priced...

After a few years in the market, I must say that Nokia, SE, HTC (and a few others) certainly have a higher price... LG and Samsung are almost always cheaper (cheaper production cost perhaps?)

When recession hits like right now, the more expensive ones are usually the first that are impacted.

So, no big deal here... cheaper mass production products always take great profit in these difficult times...

  • aj

well done LG..^_^

  • Zero

Good job LG !

There have many powerful phones. Unlike Sony ericsson, LG is generous when it comes to price and features ( video recodring, screen size and resolution, audio technologies, Wi-Fi ..etc).

Again, bravo LG :)

  • J

That 22% sales increase is massively flattered by the weakness of the Korean Won, which is down 30% against the $. Ex FX, their sales are down around 10%, still much better than Nokia and Sony Ericsson, but not as good as it looks. LG still made just over a fifth of what Nokia made - Nokia's handset business made a profit of >$800m, vs LG's at >$200m.

  • Leo

Key to LG's and Samsung's success: Giving customers what they want and need!!! All other phone companies should take some pointers!! (especially SE and Nokia!!)

  • Anonymous

That's what happens when you make quality phones for a good affordable price. Good Job LG.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Not for long. Sat 9th May.

  • Anonymous

LG are really getting it together with their phone's lately, obviously they are making more from each phone sold, it demonstrates that it's not all about selling the biggest number of handsets.

Something Nokia should learn from.

  • hmm

do you have any idea when Samsung is going to release their Q1 report?