Apple releases statement to Chinese security threats

13 July, 2014
Apple releases a statement in regards to the Chinese Government's concerns with iOS security.

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  • Anonymous

Don't worry Crapple, you can always sue someone

  • Anonymous

"GPS satellite data can take several minutes"

Jeez, iPhones must have pretty garbage GPs units.

  • AnonD-8044

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2014Is that what you've read in Apples statements?Does not matter anyway ,why would Apple choose to frame me for a murder by using my fingerprint at murder scene? When I had 5s I turned off fingerprint scanner just silly gimmick,,even if was still sending out my fingerprint secretly who cares fingerprints are everywhere.

All this NSA stuff is boring because they have been spying on us for years and nowt you can do about it..The governments do what they want anyway in public gaze or in secret...These authority's know more about me than I do myself.I live my life and if they want to take an interest in me that's their fault the worst that can happen is I go to jail or die and not going to start worrying about that,EVER.

  • ronny

But you need to worry if gonna wear stup-iphone that soon will offer "enforce locking" at theaters, ...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2014Correction.. Not just iPhones. ALL PHONES. unless you using noki... morecheat on wife ? iphone location system are very useful in emergency ... if u go missing ..if u have forgetfulness voluntary or involuntary ..300millions males in this world allowed to have 4 wives AT any point in time legally .. btw- iphones doctor apps approved by american docs assoiciation very useful training diagnostic tools especially EMERGENCY SERVICES .. COME ON IPHONE 6 HURRY UP ..

  • AnonD-151727

Nice try timMmy..nice try...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2014You choose to believe or disbelieve whatever you want. The fact... moreThis is just a simple rebuttal from China about those made up accusation of china spy on US.

Chinese government will not block consumers buying iphone. Apple need not to worry about this.

  • newuser

Those tracking features cannot turned? Even tracking turned off, NSA is still tracking phones earth wide.

It will be endless complain about tracking since those phones sold world wide.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2014Is that what you've read in Apples statements?You choose to believe or disbelieve whatever you want. The fact remains that the iphone is one of the most scrutinized devices on the planet. And within that, the touchid is one of the most prominent features and subject to even greater scrutiny. If the touchid didn't work the way Apple said it does, I'm sure someone or some organization would have found out already. Heck, even the Chinese government isn't concerned about that. And they have a history of going after foreign companies on purpose while turning a blind eye to the same local mischief. If Apple knowingly deceived people on this matter, not only would they face criminal charges, because they testified before the US Congress, but they would also face a massive class action lawsuit, in the US and internationally. Basically, it has the potential to bring the company to its knees.

So, believe what you want. Though, it seems as though you've already made up your mind and are not interested in thinking about the practical and legal aspects about this issue.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-8044, 14 Jul 2014Fingerprint scanner data is local and just stored on A7 chip,,wh... moreIs that what you've read in Apples statements?

  • AnonD-8044

Chupacabra, 14 Jul 2014China would know best since they make the iPhone. I don't trust... moreFingerprint scanner data is local and just stored on A7 chip,,when you scan finger its releases either a YES or NO token whether your fingerprint matches(yes token) or not(no token) that's it data never leaves iphone..

  • Anonymous

Your Android phone (in this example Motorola) spies on sensitive data every 9 minutes:­/motorola-secretly-spies-droid-phone-users-every­-9-minutes-collects-personal-data

This is done over an unencrypted channel, compromising end user data.

  • Anonymous

xv, 14 Jul 2014Wrong dude. It's Google which tracks and no Google in PR China.No, that's inaccurate too. Google the company is not in China, but they track using Android, which is plentiful in China.

  • jeetu

it is good

  • Contract

Oncom, 14 Jul 2014The US government and senate started this war when they accusing... moreWhat they are worried about is a say a high ranking official who has an iPhone and this data being "collectable"

As passwords are reused, it is not a far leap to gather this
Remember this app lists FAVOURITES, but every site you visit is recorded.

Instead of trawling the entire database a search of the favourites and presto

People tend to use their phones more & more for day to day stuff, eg on my phone I have logged on to my bank a/c booked cinema tickets etc

Just 2 years ago especially my bank would have been a no no, some people the phone is more a PDA with everything being recorded.

My phone has a lot of personal information on it and I consider myself a cautious user

  • AnonD-39334

Spy hates spy :p

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2014SO IN CHINA apple iphones users cannot lie about their location... moreCorrection.. Not just iPhones. ALL PHONES. unless you using nokia old phones.. BUT THEN AGAIN, you can be tracked by cell towers.

So unplug yourself and enjoy or freedom from your wife... Good for you if you cheat on your wife.

And hide under a tent.. they might send drone planes against you! .. Fear everywhere.. chop off your hands also.. fingerprint is a liability.

OR You could just:

JUST DO nothing bad, nothing will come to you! You cannot hide from bad deeds!

  • Anonymous

SO IN CHINA apple iphones users cannot lie about their location !!!!ha ha ha no more "honey i am very busy in office ..shall be late ..may be cannot come home tonight .." which office ? where ? "special office " for secretary to take down dictation or boss to get a brief !! btw- china prez wife was seen using her iphone 5s during visit to germany 2014 .. china prez also uses iphone 5s - .. AH ! NO MORE "SPECIAL OFFICES" anymore .

  • xv

george bush, 14 Jul 2014What rubbish. Android also tracks you in different ways, and An... moreWrong dude. It's Google which tracks and no Google in PR China.

  • Anonymous

Lastly, it is hilarious if you check the article below, and above this one. One is about a Chinese manufacturer cloning Apple's hardware, and one is about a Chinese company copying Apple's iOS 7 interface, (of course without any action from China government). lol