Apple iPhone 2009 comes on 17 July, OLED display on board

20 May, 2009
We’ve heard lots of stuff about the next-gen Apple iPhone, but here's a rundown of all the latest rumors. The 17 July announcement of the iPhone 2009 is pretty much clear by now but there are some new juicy...

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  • Gaz cpw

if i dont get a free upgrade from O2 then it doesnt really matter what they add to the new iPhone, the screen is fine as it is.. altho the tocco ultras screen is rather nice.. not worth parting with my 3g if its gonna cost me a pretty penny! :)

  • Cris

I would love to have that glowing Apple logo at the back of my iPhone coz i'm lovin' it on my mac! haha. I'm really excited about the new iPhone OS! ooohh, can't wait! teehee -Cris, Phil

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2009Loook great, but what about the cost of Data plan? Will it be th... moreHi,

You do nt have to take data plan if you want to buy iPhone... I know this 'cause I work for a wireless company... thats true in Canada, I am not aware about the rest of the world.


  • lollypop

i actually work for apple.. i already have mine. it's great.. you'll love it!! get excited guys..
if god made a phone this would be it!

  • Anonymous

this phone is still BUTT-DUMB :)) finally steping into the 21-st century..eventualy they'll get a modest 3.2 snapper with af an FINALLY MMS option...probably still no BTooth..meybe they haven't heard it was invented some while ago for transfering files ..

BUT on the other hand...taking out the metal framing !!!!!??? wtf ... just another PLASTIC phone !?!? omg i can't believe it , it's to LOL :)))

  • stewie griffin

Anonymous, 20 May 2009u r not making sense if ppl werent moaning abt the camera the... moreto explain to ur inferior brain what i was saying is unless u r going to print above a3 size u dont need a 5mp, 8mp or 12mp camera cause u will not see a difference.

also it has nothing to do with fact that people were moaning about the camera. apple want to sell more phones. if u look carefully at apples sales processes they always improve a product little by little. take a look at the ipod history for example.

u r now on my list.

  • xenon

Mizuchi, 20 May 2009Cause apple knows how muchdummb people are out there and taking ... moreyou know , I had N95 and I used to think same as u do about apple's iphone until I bought my iphone 3g
I tell u one thing , if u didn't put ur hand on one u can't compare right ?
so please be reasonable ..

  • Matej

Mr Unknown, 20 May 2009How is Apple able to release a new iphone this july, its only be... morerofl

The phone will be released in 3 weeks as usualy, like last year and another befor for 1 gen Iphone. This is tradition ;) like ipods...

  • Matej

Nick, 20 May 2009And have Apple any idea if Bluetooth will be able to send/receiv... moreHehehe

U have ibluetooth program (on Cydia) for doing that. ;)

Usage of the iphone is not comparable with any other device on the market.And now the new iphone will have everything that was missing, except bluetooth by default.Itwill also have FM transsmiter and great silicon back cover with LED logo for missing calls/sms etc.. :)


  • Mr Unknown

How is Apple able to release a new iphone this july, its only being a year since the iphone 3g has been on the market, so i reckon it is highly unlikely that the iphone will be releasing anytime soon, if it does release, hop it has new camera with recording, better screen quality and please better GPS ( turn by turn direction GPS)

  • Anonymous

i liked the part when it says (16,32 GB) its going to be the bast

this years bests phones are on my opinioon

1-the SE idou (if it came out)
2- omnia HD
3- nokia n97
4- i-phone 2009
5- HTC tuch pro 2

(: kant w8 to get one of thes phones

  • Anonymous

I'm in loooove with it :) :) Will definitly stay in queue to buy it!!

  • David

What about Bluetooth? Quick file transfer or streaming of Audio, Video, Document between handsets or other devices? Communicating with faxes, printers, laptops, car stereos etc when you are on the move or not at home. Where is Bluetooth?

  • Rip

So basically, specswise, apple is still trying to catch up with the rest of the pack... I mean a 3.2 MP AF camera with video recordingand image/video MMS capabilities? Come on!!! How long have those features been present on many other phones? Well, I guess it's all hype!

  • Anonymous

Apple wouldnt dominate with these specs and like it did with 3G, competition is much tougher

  • Anonymous

stewie griffin, 20 May 2009I really wish people would stop moaning about camera specs on ph... moreu r not making sense

if ppl werent moaning abt the camera then why did Apple add a better reso camera on this newer model? Out of charity?


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2009And let the iPhone bashing beginnnn!!!!!! Lmao. Everytime gsmare... moreoh yeah?

well almost every other phone threads get invaded by iphone fanboys so i'll say thats fair enough

  • Anonymous

it continues the same iCrap thing

  • Anonymous

I'm due to upgrade in July I will be getting this phone.

  • Anonymous

Mizuchi, 20 May 2009Cause apple knows how muchdummb people are out there and taking ... more...because none of those phones offers what the iPhone offers and that's the software.