Gigabyte launches its new GSmart Android line-up

18 September, 2014
The company debuts the Roma R2 Plus, Arty A3, Mika M2 and the Guru White Edition in Russia and Europe.

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  • Kurlander

There in Latvia they are popular,
reasonably cheap and their quality is better that average low end models of other brands.
They only need better cameras.

  • AnonD-309267

what the hell? are they still living in the past? XD why are they wasting money lol

  • yeah

AnonD-217753, 18 Sep 2014Trash has a whole new meaningLOL

  • djape

Boy yes they sell, select parts of Europe are low-cost territory, and Gigabyte offers quite a good deal with reasonable specs and decent build quality. Not as decent as their mobos thats sure, but yeah they sell.

  • AnonD-217753

Trash has a whole new meaning

  • mobiles

The information is kinda outdated, modes like Arty and Mika are already in stock (for a month).

  • Bla75

the Roma R2 plus is Cherry mobile flare S in our country.....

  • Anonymous

Kettzy, 18 Sep 2014Demand for motherboards (infact PCs overall) has almost dim... moreYes, but the mobile market is extremely saturated. And Midrange phones from Moto and China companies are easily outclassing and outselling this. It means only more operating loss for this company.

  • AnonD-276592

Non-sense phones

  • Anonymous

More crap from yet another fashion-toy manufacturer. One with a pathetic battery and one without an sd. Meaning both are useless just like 99% of modern smartphones/fashionphones

  • Siphiwe

Copycats... these are the copies of BB Z10, HTC and iPhone. i doubt they will cell

  • Kettzy

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2014Do these phones sell? I mean can't these guys still stick t... moreDemand for motherboards (infact PCs overall) has almost diminished as compared to about 4-5 years back. So, it makes a complete sense for these companys to jump to a more promising mobile phones market. They should probably also make motherboards for mobile phones and sell them at a good price for other OEMs too.

  • Anonymous

Do these phones sell? I mean can't these guys still stick to motherboards?