Huawei U8230 is the company's first Android smartphone

17 June, 2009
The Chinese-based manufacturer Huawei teased us with a dummy of their future Android phone back in February at the MWC 2009, but this time it's the real deal - it even has its own model name, the U8230...

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  • James

Rapaz Portugal, 18 Jun 2009I Know that enterprise because i work with them here in Por... moreWhy do you say it must be sold at Optimus network, if Huawei makes phones for Vodafone and TMN too here in Portugal? I also work with them and I know what I'm saying. If you didn't notice, the TMN U7310, U121 and U125 are all Huawei phones rebranded TMN. The only smarthphone branded TMN sold here in Portugal who's not made by Huwaei is the TMN Bluebelt. So check your facts before you're say that sort of things.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2009This is actually one of the better looking touch screen pho... moresimilar to the LG Arena.

  • jiba

it's look very cheap

  • adam

is this on T Mobile?

  • Almon

It kinda looks hot,good.

  • Anonymous

This is actually one of the better looking touch screen phones I've seen.

  • Anonymous

Ilike it

  • Anonymous

everything is made in China.

  • e-man

we, in Brunei use a lot of huawei phone of different models and it works nicely, wonderfully and perfectly!

  • Rapaz Portugal

I Know that enterprise because i work with them here in Portugal,and i have strong reasons for for tell you that is a great touch screen quite better than Iphone.That chinese mark is one of the best in all Asia.But their are a litle unknown in Europe,the otherwise you told that is a greatfull device.I think the network who goes selling that device in exclusive here in Portugal it must be Optimus telecomunications network.

  • Bad China World.

Its simple, use it for a motnh and get brain cancer.

  • Anonymous

this phone is quite good momentum for huawei

  • izamu

HUAWEI has other gsm/network products on our country, and they're all bad quality..... hope this one is a different story

  • ying yang

all nokia i phone peices made in china ..

  • Blur case

you guys don't trust ...... lol .... probaly without you knowing it .. china manufature tons of item from phone accesories to you appliances to phone ... if i wans't mistaken wasn't iphone made in china .... take out you phone batteries and dont be suprise to see made in chine sticker sticking there ... lol ...

  • Anonymous

If you don't believe in MIC brand, then start ditching your PC, monitor and keyboard. RIGHT NOW!

  • jay

good phone, 17 Jun 2009Nice phone. And to the other guy who doesn't trust huawei. ... moretake it easy on urself... "good phone". tht's y it's called own opnion.

  • actually...

ppl care man..i don't trust and believe in made in china brand period.

  • Anonymous

P%nm, 18 Jun 2009Weren't Dopod made by HTC, like iMate, O2 and others?I may not remember correctly, though I thought Dopod acquired O2 and then "later" changed its name to HTC...

  • mo

i care. i dont trust unheard of makes 2