Huawei U8230 is the company's first Android smartphone

17 June, 2009
The Chinese-based manufacturer Huawei teased us with a dummy of their future Android phone back in February at the MWC 2009, but this time it's the real deal - it even has its own model name, the U8230...

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  • Roger P

For sure, they do make a quite credible 3g product. Although they arenīt known for phones, why not.

  • P%nm

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2009As mentioned by others, Huawei has been making other "back end" ... moreWeren't Dopod made by HTC, like iMate, O2 and others?

  • Anonymous

stab116, 17 Jun 2009I don't trust Huawei.As mentioned by others, Huawei has been making other "back end" products like wireless broadband USB's, just that most consumers can't really see the brand name.

When you said you don't trust Huawei, just curious did you say the same thing about Dopod about 5 years ago?

  • JC

Actually i'm using Huawei HSDPA modem for 2 years now and still working Good as new so I trust Huawei.. Maybe its just same performance as the phone... just my opinion

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]iPhone OS 3.0 > Android > Web

  • P%nm

We've had the HTC Magic as our lead phone for a few weeks now, no-one has shown the least bit of interest in them.

  • Anonymous

stab116, 17 Jun 2009I don't trust Huawei.why not! there the biggest manufacturer of mobile broadband dongels just cuz all the phone companies stick their name on does not mean they made it

  • todor

nice design,
however i hope the quality will be over the quality of their electrical home aplliacenses, wich is junk.

  • bummy

China is a huuuggee market, i wouldn't be surprised if the next big thing is coming out of china..... after they're done learning all the other manufacture's secrest :)

  • Anonymous

it looks nice and shiny
but im not sure about quality and how easily it will get scratched.
also im guessing it has a resistive touchscreen which is wat a few companies say is prefered in asia

  • Anonymous

if it`s cheap i`ll buy it for fun

  • Rip

I hope chinese phones are better than their cars...

  • me

i like the phone.i hope it will be avalible.(released).

  • Anonymous

good phone

  • lt man

Looks much like Touch HD, which i really like.

  • Dimas

is there Wifi, Gps, HSPA, autofokus+makro and cheap price?

  • daki

Android really need to step it up when it comes to hardware, 3,2Mpixel camera (maybe no video recording) and a low res screen is not what I'm looking for in a phone in 2009.

  • ark

good job huawei .

congratulations , keep up the good work ,

make mobiles for reasonable price , lower than htc , se, samsung,apple ,lg .

make them run for money..
we love your models.

release soon , cant wait .

  • Anonymous

i am using Huawei HSDPA modem for almost a year, and nothing's wrong with the modem, it's doing just fine up until now.

so, i think these Huawei products deserve a chance to prove themself to us.

  • good phone

Nice phone. And to the other guy who doesn't trust huawei. no one cares.