Next iPhone SE to look like the iPhone XR, iPhone 14 Pro to get new ultrawide camera

Vlad, 30 August 2022

The next iPhone SE will finally drop its current design and switch to one that will allegedly be identical to that of the iPhone XR from 2018. That is, if a new rumor on the matter is to be believed. Its source is Jon Prosser, talking on the Geared Up podcast, and he has provided reliable information in the past, so maybe this does in fact pan out.

But you probably shouldn't get the bubbly ready just yet, as there was a new iPhone SE launched earlier this year, and it came two years after its predecessor. And thus, if Apple keeps the same release pacing for this series, it means the new model, the one that's going to look like an iPhone XR, will only arrive in 2024. By which time that design will be six years old. You can clearly feel how much Apple cares about its most affordable phone, can't you?

iPhone XR iPhone XR

Moving on to devices the company definitely cares about, the iPhone 14 Pro series is now rumored to sport an upgraded ultrawide camera, with 1.4μm pixel size. That would be a big increase from the 1.0μm pixel size on the iPhone 13 Pro's ultrawide camera, and it unsurprisingly has led to the components being more expensive for Apple to source.

iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 13 Pro

The sensor is apparently made by Sony, while the "compact camera module" is made by LG Innotek, and both companies are set to be beneficiaries of the price increase. On the other hand, buyers of the two Pro models coming out later this year will theoretically be the beneficiaries of better ultrawide shots, especially at night. Let's see if that actually happens.

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Reader comments

  • Moosey
  • 16 Oct 2022
  • kaM

does the xr have an audio jack for headphones

  • Bruh
  • 05 Sep 2022
  • jNp

What about using the 8 plus body? The whole point of the SE was for people who needed a home button or older people who needed to upgrade. I get using the newer design but I think it'll miss with the older generation who need the home button. I ...

8+ gen 2 on an iphone?? what

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