Nexus One online sales stop, availability in stores increases

15 May, 2010

Four months after the market release of the Nexus One Google have decided to revise their distribution policy. Realizing that their online store sales weren't going as well as they hoped, they are now discontinuing them and shifting to more traditional retail channels. Well there's no shame in admitting you've made a mistake as long as you do everything you can to fix it.

The Google Engineering vice president Andy Rubin explained on the company's blog, that while early adopters appreciated the web store, most customers were still keen on having a hands-on experience before handing out the cash.

That's why the Mountain View-based company has decided to drop online sales and increase the availability of the Nexus One in retail stores around the globe. Google are obviously pretty happy with the way things were going in Europe, where that model was adopted a while ago and will try to do the same thing on a global level.

The lack of advertising (it's not like they don't have the resources for it) has raised questions about whether or not Google is really determined to make the Nexus One a market success. You know, not rocking the Android boats of their partners might have turned out more important at the end. Yet this move shows that they haven't given up on the Nexus One just yet and won't let one of the best-equipped smartphones we have seen sink without a trace.



Reader comments

  • PeterJ
  • 18 May 2010
  • mW2

You will be returning it in 7 days, realising its' not as good as an Iphone and going to get one of them or back to one of them - no comparison, iPhone still the best by a mile, still the best gadget ever.....everyone else still only trying to be as ...

  • sandi
  • 18 May 2010
  • qnp

I just purchased the Google Nexus One online for my birthday. I can't wait to play with it. If it doesn't live up to my dreams and meet my expectations I will return it within 7 days.

  • Unsatisfied user
  • 17 May 2010
  • UGr

I own and have used a Nexus One since it first came out. I find it really crappy. To start their email client program really sucks. When you get an incoming email, you cannot edit and then forward. The original email received gets forwarded as an eml...

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